Module Overview: Sales Activation

Triblio's Sales Activation tools allow you to properly alert your sales team when an account is highly engaged and to equip them with the most relevant messaging for outreach. 

How does Sales Activation work?

Triblio has multiple methods for activating sales:

  • Sales Notification Emails
    • Send emails to Sales Reps based on CRM ownership or by audience segments. 
    • Trigger notifications based on 3rd Party Intent Score and/or Increase in Website Engagement
  • CRM Dashboards:
    • Set-up dynamic dashboards within your CRM to help your sales team prioritize target accounts.
    • Roll out the ABM Analytics Module (in Salesforce or Salesloft) to give your sales team live account level insights.
  • Sales Activation Orchestration:  
    • Send emails to Sales Reps based on CRM ownership, audience segments or territory.
    • Trigger notifications off of Triblio's Smart Score.
    • Use Sales Plays to provide relevant content to your sales team based on an account's 3rd party intent topic surges.

How does Sales Activation drive results?

By providing your sales team with the tools to properly prioritize accounts and relevant content for outreach, you will create a more efficient and effective sales process. 

How to get started with Sales Activation:

Ready to start activating sales? Check out these guides to learn how to implement Triblio's Sales Activation tools:

Sales Notification Emails
CRM Dashboards
ABM Analytics Module in Salesforce
ABM Analytics Module in Salesloft
Sales Activation Orchestration

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