Understanding Smart Score

What is Smart Score?

Smart Score quantifies an account's engagement trend compared to their historical engagement baseline. This allows you to identify accounts showing a spike in engagement and prioritize them for sales outreach. 

How does it work?

We start by building an engagement baseline for each of your target accounts. We build this baseline by tracking both 1st party intent (known and unknown activity tracked on your website) and 3rd party intent data (Bombora). Then, we take a baseline for each account - here's an example of a baseline: 

In an average month, Bank of America has 5 unique visitors with 2 pageviews each and 1 Bombora Surge.

Finally, we compare recent activity to each account's baseline and use that delta to derive the Smart Score value. Smart Score values range from 50-100. A score of 50 means that the account's engagements are on-track with their baseline. Every point above 50 shows an increase in the account's engagements above their baseline.

Triblio Tip

  • Because Smart Score is derived from each account's historical baseline, it automatically normalizes for account size. This enables Smart Score to be an effective tool for identifying hot accounts from enterprise to SMB without the need for multiple scoring models. This is a huge advantage compared to traditional scoring systems that simply assign points for activity.

Where can I see it?

Smart Score is visible in the Smart Score Report in Triblio. To access it, log in to Triblio, click "Metrics" on the left, and then select "Smart Score Report". Once you've loaded the report, you can view Smart Scores for a particular audience by clicking "Select Audience".

Additionally, you can sync Smart Score to a custom field in Salesforce. You can then use Smart Score to build Salesforce reports and dashboards to help sales prioritize their accounts. Check out this article for configuration steps: Salesforce Syncing - Field Updates

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