ABM Analytics Module - SalesLoft Integration

Triblio's ABM Analytics Module with SalesLoft

Triblio’s Account Based Marketing platform scales 1:1 account targeting for pipeline impact. Get Triblio’s account insights live in SalesLoft as you run your outbound campaigns. 

How it works:

Triblio’s integration pulls intent data for known and unknown visitors into a smart panel embedded in SalesLoft’s account tab. For each account, monitor key indicators for purchase intent such as the number of unique visitors, surges in third-party research, account engagement over time, and content consumption. Discover when your accounts are interested and what they’re interested to shape cadences and improve response rates.

Authorization is handled by Triblio and SalesLoft’s backend integration called "Triblio Authenticator." If users don’t have logins to their Triblio instance, they are prompted to follow an authorization process. Triblio administrators can adjust permissions and grant access to sales users in Triblio’s sales module.

How to Install & Authorize Users:

1. Login to your Triblio account and head to 'Sales Activation' in the navigation

2. On the Sales Activation screen, select 'Salesforce Integration (Chrome Extension)'

3. First, download the Chrome extension or send the download link to all users who will be authorized to download.

4. Second, enter the email of the users to authorize.  The email must be the same email the users have for their Salesforce account.

5. In SalesLoft's App Directory, install the Triblio ABM Analytics Module

6. Once installed, navigate to your SalesLoft Team Settings > Integrations > Enable the Triblio ABM Analytics Module

7. Once you enable, you will need to authorize the connection

8. In the Account View in SalesLoft, under Panel Configuration, enable the Triblio ABM Analytics Module to see the account insights in your panel.

9. The first time you enable, you will need to Authorize yourself; in the Triblio ABM Analytics Module panel, click 'Authorize'

10. Once authorized, you will see engagement data loading in the panel.

ABM Analytics Module: The Data

The Triblio ABM Analytics Module will show account activities.  The panel view will show the activities of the account.  

Activities shown include:

  1. Web Engagement
  2. Surging Intent Topics
  3. Known Visitors
  4. Top Web Content Viewed
  5. Account Score & Associated Activities

How the Data Connection Works

The Triblio Analytics Module rolls data up based on the domain of the account.  Domain mappings are determined between Triblio and Salesforce and established in Triblio's Setup Salesforce section.  Mapping can be made via more than one field in Salesforce.  Activities associated with the account will be rolled up based on the mappings made here.  The default mapping is made via the 'Website' field in Salesforce.  If mappings need to be updated, the user can update the Account Record in Salesforce with the modified domain and the data will be remapped daily.