Sales Alerts

Creating a New Sales Alert

Once logged into Triblio, go to the Sales Activation tab on the left and click "Sales Notification Email." From here, you can choose to create or edit sales alerts.

To create a new Sales Alert, click "Add Notification Email" and select one of the following options:

  • Custom Lists - Alerts keying off of your Triblio audiences
  • Salesforce/Hubspot CRM Account Owners - Alerts segmented by account ownership in CRM

Sales Alert Editor

The sales alert editor consists of 5 main sections: Mailing List, Audiences/Accounts, Template Setting, Time Setting, and Report Columns.

Here's an overview of these sections.

Mailing List

This section allows you to define recipients for the Sales Alert

  • Custom list alerts: click "Add Email" and enter an email . You can repeat this as many times as you like or use the "Upload CSV file" button to upload recipient email addresses in bulk.
  • Salesforce/Hubspot account owner alerts: click "Add" and then the "+" button next to each CRM user you want to receive the alert.


This section determines which accounts will be included in the sales alert. 

  • Custom list alerts: click "Add Audience" and select any Triblio audience. The alert will now only include activity from members of the selected audience.
  • Salesforce/Hubspot account owner alerts: click "Add" and select the appropriate account owner field. This field must be a picklist of CRM users. For Salesforce, the default field is called "Owner ID." For Hubspot CRM, the default field is called "Company Owner."
    • Additional account filtering using CRM data is available via the check box at the bottom of the modal window.

Here's an example configuration:

Template and Trigger

The "Template Setting" section governs the alert's trigger, look-and-feel, and quantity of data. There are four sales alert templates split two trigger categories: 3rd-Party Intent and Website Activity.

Checking "Link to Salesforce" will include a link to the associated Salesforce account record next to each account in the email alert.

Template Options

Visitor Drilldown Template: Fewer accounts, more activity detail

The top of the email will look something like this:

Under that section will include a breakdown of the top pages visited by the accounts:

Account Activity Template: More accounts, less activity detail

Web-driven Topic Score And Account Template: Website activity, additional columns for intent surges

The top of the email will have something like this:

Below that will be a breakdown of the exact topics the accounts are surging on:

Intent-driven Topic Score And Account Template: Virtually the same as the previous template, but it includes # of Surged Topics

The top of the email will have something like this:

Below that will be a breakdown of the exact topics the accounts are surging on:


The "Time Setting" section determines the frequency of alerts. Click "Customize Time" to configure. Checking "On Report Change" will cause the email alert to send every day as long as there is new activity to report. 

Report Columns

Every Sales Alert will include default columns for Account Name, Known Visitors, Unknown Visitors, and Pageviews. Under "Additional Columns" you have the option to include Headquarter Location, Employee Range, Revenue Range, and Domain. You can also choose the alert's sorting method using the "Sorted By" picklist.

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