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Triblio provides powerful reporting and dashboards to easily view the metrics relevant to your ABM campaign performance. Our reports allow you to get a full picture of various components in your overall ABM strategy to measure impact and optimize for success. Below we summarize the reports available within the platform, beginning with those that our customers leverage most frequently.
All of the reports listed below can be found under the 'Metrics' tab in Triblio.

Core Reports

Overall ABM Program Measurement:

The Funnel Impact Report tracks your target accounts' progress through the ABM funnel - from Unengaged all the way through to Pipeline. Best-in-class ABM programs orchestrate marketing and sales tactics to influence and convert target accounts to revenue. In light of this, it's critical to adopt a measurement framework that evaluates your ABM program as a whole instead of as a group of isolated channels.

Learn more about the Funnel Impact Report here - Funnel Impact Report

Account-Based Advertising:

The Account Lift Report connects the dots between your ad campaigns and increased target account traffic on your website by visualizing engagement lift on a week-over-week basis. The amount of engagement lift generated within your target accounts is a core metric for measuring your ad campaigns.

Learn more about the Ads Account Lift Report hereAds Account Lift Report
The Ads Report provides insight into traditional ad metrics for your ad campaigns. These metrics includes impressions, spend, CTR, clicks, and viewthroughs.

Learn more about the Ads Report here - Ads Report

Account Metrics:

The Account 360 Report gives a detailed view of website visits and ad activities within an audience. This powerful report can give you a both a high level view of the overall health of a given audience and a more focused drill-down into a particular account's timeline of engagements.

Learn more about the Account 360 Report here - Account 360 Report

Triblio Tip

  • One of the most common ABM mis-steps is to run lots of tactics without having clear measurement framework in place. This can make it difficult to quantify the impact of ABM on your target accounts. This is why we dedicate extra time during onboarding to build an ABM Success Plan and define your high-level goals and supporting success metrics. If you ever need a refresher or want to dive deeper into reporting, feel free to reach out to your CSM. We're here as a strategic resource for you!

Additional Reports:

Intent Data Report

This report summarizes Surge data imported from Bombora. It shows Surge scores per topic per account in a searchable and exportable table. Fresh Surge reports automatically generate each Saturday - you can see the date of each individual Surge in the "Surge On" column.

Smart Score Report

This report quantifies an account's engagement trend compared to their historical engagement baseline. This allows you to identify accounts showing a spike in engagement and prioritize them for sales outreach. Filter Smart Scores for a specific audience by clicking "Select Audience". For more info on Smart Score, check out this article: Understanding Smart Score

Audience Segment Details

This report shows website activity broken down by audience. Specifically, it displays unique visitors, page views, goal completions, and total account score for each audience. Once you've loaded the report, click on any of the audience names to see a summary of the top pages visited by that audience.

Account Details

Note: this is a legacy report and has been replaced by the Account 360 report. 

The Account Details report displays all recognized accounts coming to your website. It also allows you to filter website visitors by audience, search for individual accounts, and drill down into account activity to see which pages they viewed on your site.

Web Personalization Campaign Details

This report shows personalization views, clicks, and goal completions per campaign. If one of your campaigns contains multiple Messaging or Overlay CTA elements, click on the campaign name to see a breakdown of these metrics per element. Note: this report does not contain any data pertaining to display ads.

Goal Performance Report

This report displays the total number of goal completions for each of your configured goals. Once you've opened the report, click "View Metrics" next to a goal to see the number of goal completions achieved over a selected date range. For more info on how to set up goals, check out our guide here: Setup Goal Tracking

MQA Report

The MQA (marketing qualified accounts) status is applied to accounts showing a high level of engagement. The MQA Report lists all accounts that have hit your MQA account score threshold over a selected date range (default 30 days). You can click on any account listed to view the Account 360 drill-down for that account. For more info on how to set up account score and MQA definitions, check out this article: Account Scoring and MQA Recommendations

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