Setup Goal Tracking

Legacy Feature  Triblio Goal Tracking is intended for use with website personalizations and overlays only.

Setup Custom Goal Tracking

  1. In Triblio, navigate to the ‘Metrics’ area.
  2. Under Settings & Configuration, select ‘Goals.’
  3. Click ‘Add New Goal.’
  4. Choose to configure 'Visited A URL' or 'Submitted a Form'
  5. Configure the goal using content item or regular expressions

Types of Goals

Visited A Url

You can track visits to various pages on your website using regular expressions. We’ve also linked to a “Regex” explainer in the configuration modal to help you set up your page visit goals in the most helpful ways. Of course, you can always talk to your CSM about this.

Submitted A Form

In order for this goal to work, the analytics-f.js must be deployed on your form pages. If we’re unable to deploy that script, your CSM can help set up conversion tracking in other ways (e.g., using the ‘Visited A Url’ goal feature and setting the regular expression to “Thank you” pages).

Commonly Used Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Any Form Submission

Create a "Submitted Form" goal and use the regex below.


Any Form Except Unsubscribe

Create a "Submitted Form" Goal and use the regex below.

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