Understanding the Account Lift Report

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Account-based ads are an effective tool to increase the amount of website engagement from your target accounts. The Account Lift Report connects the dots between your ad campaigns and increased target account traffic on your website by visualizing engagement lift on a week-over-week basis. The amount of engagement lift generated within your target accounts is a core metric for measuring your ad campaigns.

Definition: Engagement lift is an increase in the number of target accounts visiting your website each week. 

Each Triblio ad group has its own account lift report. You can access these reports navigating to Metrics, clicking "Ads Account Lift Report", and clicking "View Metrics" next to your ad group.

The report consists of columns, each representing a week. The X axis is time and the Y axis is the number of accounts in the audience. Each column (week) sorts the target accounts into three categories:

Not Engaged/Reached




  • Not Engaged/Reached: Accounts that did not see ad impressions or visit your website
  • Reached: Accounts that saw ad impressions, but did not visit your site
  • Engaged: Accounts that visited your website

Triblio Tip

  • To easily determine if the ad campaign is driving engagement lift, compare the "Weekly Engaged Accounts(Before Ad)" and the "Weekly Engaged Accounts(after Ad)" values at the top of the report.
  • To get a more detailed view of an individual account's activity over time, click on any of the accounts listed in the table at the bottom of the report. This will direct you to the Account 360 report for that account.

What to Look For

The  Account Lift Report gives you a quick view into the effectiveness of your ads to influence and nurture account engagement. There are a couple things to consider when looking at the report:

  • Make sure your date range at the top includes a couple of weeks before your ads actually started running (if possible). This will give you a good sense of the actual lift from the targeted account list.
  • Look for trends in the chart, for example:
    • Ideally, you see an increase in the number of engaged accounts week over week after you start running ads, peaking around 70-90% engaged.
    • If the number of accounts that are engaging each week starts dropping, that may be a sign that you need to refresh your creatives.
    • If the reach or engagement numbers remain low (<50%), then you may not be spending enough to effectively nurture the targeted account list.
  • Look for an overall increase in the average number of targeted accounts engaging on your site week over week.

Example Report

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