Account Scoring and MQA Recommendations

Triblio's Account Scoring module allows you to measure engagement across your key account segments. This results in a clearer view of your opportunities since many of the individuals influencing the purchase decision will not be tracked by your marketing automation system. 


This section allows you to assign point values to activities done by website visitors. These scores are assigned to each visitor and then rolled up to the account level based on that visitor's account ID.

Default Activity Types Recommended Scoring
Unique known visitor 10 points
Unique anonymous visitors 5 points
Page views 1 point
Form submit 25 points
Campaign Click (i.e. on a Triblio personalization or Overlay. This does not include ad clicks) 1 point
Goal complete Varies depending on your goal configuration  

Hot Pages

Some pages show prospects' buying intent and merit a higher account score contribution than others. Triblio allows you to flag these as Hot Pages and assign more heavily weighted scores to accounts.

Note: These points are applied at the account level up to once per day per hot page entry.

Below are some pages you should weight more heavily. These can be grouped together using regular expressions or by selecting the relevant URLs:

  • Thank you pages for mid-funnel content like webinars or case studies: 5 points
  • Pages related to pricing, RFIs, or configuration: 5 points

You can also give negative weighting to pages, which is recommended for content you know indicates a lack of interest from the prospect. For example:

  • Unsubscribe or opt-out pages: -10 points
  • Pages that indicate non-prospects like Careers, Support, or Login: -1 point

Salesforce Activities

If you have high-value activities recorded in your Salesforce — like tradeshow visits, key meetings being completed, or phone call activity — that can also be scored. The configuration will depend on what information you're recording in Salesforce. 

MQA Definition

MQA is an account score threshold designed to identify highly engaged accounts, both as a KPI for reporting and for triggering sales. 

To get started:

  1. Click "New MQA Definition"
  2. Configure your MQA definition
    1. Here's our recommended starter definition: 100 points over the course of 1 month with at least 2 visitors with 10 points each
  3. Lastly, you can scope your MQA definition to a specific audience (e.g. setting a lower MQA threshold for Tier 1 accounts and a stricter definition for white space accounts)
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