Understanding the Funnel Impact Report

  1. Overview
  2. Stage Definitions
  3. How to Run the Funnel Impact Report
  4. What to Look For


The Funnel Impact report tracks your target accounts' progress through the ABM funnel - from Unengaged all the way through to Pipeline. Best-in-class ABM programs orchestrate marketing and sales tactics to influence and convert target accounts to revenue. In light of this, it's critical to adopt a measurement framework that evaluates your ABM program as a whole instead of as a group of isolated channels.

This report is built on two snap shots of the ABM funnel - think of it as a "before" and "after" keying off the date range set at the top of the page. The first snapshot (on the left hand side) is a cross-section of target accounts' funnel stages on the start date set at the top of the report. The second snapshot (on the right hand side) is a look at the target accounts' funnel stages on the end date set at the top of the report.

Stage Definitions

This report splits the accounts in a selected audience into five stages: Unengaged, Reached, Engaged, MQA, and Pipeline.






  • Unengaged: Accounts in the selected audience with no website visits and no ad impressions.
  • Reached: Accounts in the selected audience with ad impressions but no website visits.
  • Engaged: Accounts in the selected audience that have visited your website.
  • MQA: Accounts in the selected audience that have met the MQA (Marketing Qualified Account) account score threshold. You can configure an MQA definition in the Triblio app here and you can learn more about them here.
  • *Pipeline: Accounts in the selected audience that have an opportunity in your CRM.

*This funnel stage will only show up if your CRM is integrated with Triblio and if you have configured your Revenue Report which can be done on the Setup area of the Triblio app for your CRM.

How to Run the Funnel Impact Report

  1. Navigate to the "Metrics" tab in Triblio and click "Funnel Impact"
  2. Choose an audience and click "Select" - Note: the Funnel Impact report can only be used with account list audiences
  3. Use the calendar at the top left to select the appropriate start and end dates for your report. 
  4. Once the report has loaded, note the highlighted values at the top of the report. These indicate the number of target accounts that saw ads/visited your site/opened an opportunity for the first time during your selected date range. 
  5. For more detail, click on any of the funnel stages to see a list of the accounts currently in that stage. This list populates in the account table below the funnel.

Triblio Tip

  • Use the Funnel Impact report to pull monthly summaries for your target audiences. You can then use these summaries to highlight progress to your internal stakeholders.
  • After selecting a specific funnel stage, you can click through to the Account 360 report for any of the accounts listed at the bottom of the page. This allows you to drill into more detail on exactly how Triblio has impacted that account over time.

What to Look For

The Funnel Impact report shows you how an account list progresses through the ABM funnel. This will help you assess the impact your ABM campaigns (in and out of Triblio) are having on the funnel. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Look for meaningful movement from the Unengaged to the Engaged category:
    • This tells you that your efforts to get accounts on your site (outbound by your sales team and/or ads run through Triblio) are working. If you have a high percentage of engagement from your target accounts you should be thinking about how to captivate on their increased activity.
  • Look for an increase in MQAs:
    • This tells you who is engaging at the highest rate from your target account list. These are the accounts that you will want to make sure are being reached out to and followed up with through marketing and sales plays.
  • Look for new an increase in pipeline:
    • These are the potential accounts for which there is currently an open opportunity. If a new opportunity has been opened over the date range there will be a value in the New Pipeline Value field at the top of the report. Click into the pipeline funnel stage to see which accounts have newly opened ops.

Example Report

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