2024 Release Notes

Check out Foundry ABM's latest feature releases and product updates.

June/July 2024 Release Notes

Ad Metrics Reporting Improvement- Product Update

The Foundry ABM platform has made an upgrade to the way we measure account resolution with contact targeted ad groups. This lays the groundwork for improvements to our ad suite and lays a foundation for the future direction of our products, which tether ads and leads together. One result of this upgrade will be the creation of a new “unassigned” row in the Ads Report. This showcases metrics from ads served to target accounts that we cannot confidently attribute to an account. 

We expect this percentage to be less than 10% of total ad metrics. 

This change will be made only on a prospective basis and we will migrate all contact-based ad groups to this improved tracking system on July 17, 2024

There is no immediate action required for this update to take effect.  

Orchestration Branches - New Feature

This latest update allows you to create more sophisticated multi-stage campaigns with more flexibility. Now, you can design and implement up to 4 stages with 4 triggers for each orchestration sequence, giving you more control over your campaign workflows.

May 2024 Release Notes

Orchestration Duplication - New Feature

You now have the ability to duplicate your Orchestrations! Save time by cloning an Orchestration, which will replicate elements and triggers within an already exciting campaign. Go to the Orchestration tab in the platform, hover over the campaign you wish to copy, and click "duplicate".

Note: Audience, Account membership, LinkedIn ad groups, and metrics will not duplicate. 

Known Visitor Table, Expanded Report - New Feature

You now have the option to view an enhanced report directly from the homepage, detailing your known visitors (sourced from your marketing automation system).  Download the table from the home screen to access information on your known visitors, their latest activity, and the total number of activities. 

Need help integrating your known visitors into the Foundry platform? Help articles are here for Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, or Eloqua

SmartPage, Password Protected - Product Update

It is now possible to password protect an individual SmartPage! Enhance security by ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the page, protecting sensitive information and personalized content from unauthorized viewers. Discover more information about SmartPage's here.

Navigate to the Smart Page you wish to password protect, and click the lock icon on the bottom left hand side from the editor view. Then, enter a password.

After your SmartPage password has been saved, you'll be able to view the protected page when the URL is shared and opened.

April 2024 Release Notes

Pipeline Impact Report - Product Update

Access insights on opportunities from your CRM, including details such as total opportunity value, the count of accounts receiving sales notification emails, web activity, and engagement with campaigns. Below the KPI Buckets, view your closed won opportunities along with a convenient snapshot of account and campaign activity. Filter the report by audiences, specific time ranges, and 'save as a favorite' to easily access from the Metrics Tab.

Audience Builder - New Feature

Now you can import a CSV list of contacts in the audience builder using the "Contact By Email" criteria. This will automatically append both the contacts and their respective accounts as an account list for your Orchestration campaign. These contacts will be integrated at the audience level, granting you the flexibility to utilize them across all elements in your Orchestration. 

Ad Spend Budget Summary - New Feature

Now you have the ability to view the total budget, spent to date, and remaining balance at the ad group level of your display ads. Utilize this feature to monitor your ad group spending, ensuring better budget management for your campaigns. 

Orchestration Trigger - Product Update

Introducing our latest Orchestration trigger, "Visited Pages," where you can input multiple URLs or keywords. This feature enables you to advance accounts along the Orchestration journey based on their web activity and engagement on your site.

Orchestration Action - New Feature

We're excited to introduce our newest Orchestration trigger for our Microsoft Dynamics users. When account fields are updated in your CRM, accounts will progress through the Orchestration journey, advancing them to the next stage.

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