The Top 3 Indicators of Purchase Intent

Indicator #1: First-party Intent

First-Party Intent includes all target account activity on your website, marketing landing pages, and other digital properties. When a target account shows a significant spike in FPI, it means that they're aware, engaged, and should be queued up for sales outreach.

There are two important things to look for when analyzing FPI.

  • Note the number of visitors tracked from an account. One isolated website visitor may not mean much, but five visitors from the same account can indicate that a buying group is forming.
  • Check what web pages each account is viewing. Often, this can provide insight into what pain point or product will resonate with the account.

Indicator #2: Third-party Intent

Triblio's provides Third-Party Intent via our partnership with Bombora. In order to track TPI, Bombora utilizes their data co-op: a "walled garden" of thousands of websites where they can track account activity. This allows them to establish baseline levels on interest for millions of accounts across thousands of topics. With these baselines established, Triblio ingests weekly reports from Bombora that indicate which of your target accounts are showing an increased interest (i.e. a Surge) in topics relevant to your products or services.

Third-party intent can help you identify which accounts within your TAM (total addressable market) are in a buying cycle as well as what topics resonate best with each account. You can then apply this intelligence by targeting Surging accounts with marketing and sales campaigns.

For more info, check out our Intent Module overview

Indicator #3: Verified Intent

Verified intent occurs when target accounts are spiking in both first and third-party intent. This means that independent data sources (Bombora's data co-op and Triblio account tracking on your site) are corroborating each other, providing a clear intent signal that should be prioritized for sales follow-up immediately. 

You can surface accounts with verified intent in Triblio using our Account 360 report, in sales orchestration emails, or in custom dashboards in your CRM.


Within Triblio, we use Smart Score to track all three of these intent indicators and provide a per-account intent score. From there, Smart Score can power sales dashboards in your CRM, trigger orchestration emails to sales and more. If you'd like to learn more about how Smart Score works, check out our article here: Understanding Smart Score

For more info on pushing Smart Score into Salesforce, check out this article: Sync Data from Triblio to Salesforce 

For more info on setting up sales orchestration emails triggered by Smart Score, check out this guide: Orchestration Sales Emails: Activate and Discover

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