Module Overview: Intent Data

Triblio's Intent module reveals what your target accounts are researching across the web. You can then use this intelligence to power account-based marketing and sales initiatives. 

How does intent data work?

We partner with Bombora to feed intent data into Triblio. In order to track intent, Bombora utilizes their data co-op: a "walled garden" of thousands of websites where they can track account activity. This allows them to establish baseline levels on interest for millions of accounts across thousands of topics. With these baselines established, Triblio ingests weekly reports from Bombora that indicate which of your target accounts are showing an increased interest (i.e. a Surge) in topics relevant to your products or services.

Once we pull this Surge data into Triblio, there are many ways to incorporate it into your marketing campaigns and sales processes. Here are some example applications:

  • Utilize Triblio's "Bombora Surge Accounts" audience criteria to add accounts to display ad and personalization campaigns based on their topics of interest.
  • Push intent data into Salesforce to help sales prioritize their outreach based on which accounts are Surging.
  • Examine the weekly list of Surging accounts to discover in-market accounts that may not be on your radar.

How does intent drive results?

Intent is the framework that helps you deliver the right message at the right time to the right accounts. As such, intent-based campaigns should drive stronger conversion to pipeline rates within your target accounts. Additionally, intent boosts the results driven by other tactics you're already executing, such as better ad campaign engagement and higher response rates for sales.

How to get started with intent

Ready to level-up your ABM efforts with intent? Check out these guides for more info on campaign execution and topic selection.

How to Select Intent Topics

Intent Based Ads Best Practices

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