Intent Based Ads Best Practices

Intent data is a fantastic way to both discover new accounts and gain visibility into your existing accounts.  In Triblio, you can automate the creation and deployment of your display ads based off weekly surge reports.  

To do this, you would use the Bombora audience criteria available and select the topics you want to include in the audience.  Typically, people will cluster their topics in 2-3 groupings and run cluster-themed ads to the accounts that fall into that area.  

When setting up the ads, there are some best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Make the targeted accounts remain in the audience for 3-4 weeks to ensure the ads are running long enough to make an impact.  Surge reports update weekly and accounts may or may not continue surging.  When setting up your audience, there is an option to add in a look-back window - be sure to set that to 4 weeks to keep the accounts in the audience long enough.
  2. To determine your budget for contact based ads, select your role targeting criteria and assume a budget of $0.01 per contact per day
  3. Measure the ads based on the amount of engagement difference that occurs.  The best reports inside Triblio for this are the Account Lift Report and the Account 360 Report
  4. Your campaigns will perform the best if you have a structured hand-off and outreach cadence for the sales team to use while the ads are running
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