How To Select Intent Topics

Triblio customers who have an Intent Data package can leverage that data to build marketing campaigns and provide deeper account insights to Sales. 

There are three ways we recommend building out your topic list. 

Select topics by searching the available taxonomy

Triblio customers can browse available topics by downloading the latest list from Bombora. There are a few best practices to keep in mind when selecting topics:

  1. Search for topics that match your product category as well as the names of specific competitors — activity in both areas is a strong signal of purchasing behavior
  2. If you sell multiple solutions, create different Topic clusters for each one and ask your CSM about monitoring each cluster separately
  3. When possible, don't rely on a single topic to signal intent — the signal is more reliable when you use a blend of several related topics that match a category rather than just one

Topics based on your website content

If you're not sure which topics to select, your CSM can build a report for you that automatically suggests Topics based on a scan of your website content. To optimize results, provide your CSM with a URL that is rich in content about your specific product or solution. We find that Product pages usually yield better results than homepages, for example.

Topics based historical customer behavior

The most comprehensive evaluation of potential Topics is completed by evaluating actual behavior of your customers before they sign contracts. This report answers the question, "What intent Topics are showing the most Surges in the year leading up to a customer signing a contract?" This is called a Historical Analysis and can be generated by your CSM for review with your team. To get started, create a copy of this spreadsheet and populate it with the last 12 months of Closed-Won opportunity data from your CRM. When complete, send the spreadsheet to your CSM and they will handle generating and explaining the Historical Analysis to you. This process usually takes about one week from start to finish. 

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