Module Overview: Display Ads

Triblio Display Ads enable you to serve ads to your target accounts. Combined with Triblio's audience builder, you can use display ads to target account segments with messaging specific to industry, account tier, sales stage, intent Surge, and more.

How do Display Ads work?

Our goal is to allow you to target your key stakeholders wherever they are on the web with whatever messaging you choose. In light of this, we plug in to dozens of ad networks and multiple DSPs (bidding platforms) in order to deliver your ads most effectively.

We use two types of ad targeting: contact and IP.

  • Contact targeting serves display ads to your target accounts using cookies. This allows targeting at the persona (email) level and is most effective in North America.
  • IP targeting serves display ads to your target accounts using IP addresses pulled from Triblio's learning engine. This is best for global targeting where cookie data is not as robust as well as targeting smaller accounts.
By default, we utilize our Hybrid targeting approach which employs both IP and contact targeting. This enables your ads to both go live quickly and target key stakeholders accurately.
Once we've served your ads to your target accounts, we combine DSP data with our own tracking and use these metrics to power reports in Triblio.

How do Display Ads drive results?

Display Ads boost target account awareness and engagement across all channels. This means that accounts targeted with well-designed ad campaigns should visit your site more, respond to sales at a higher rate and convert more frequently.

Cohort analysis is the most effective way to show ROI from Display Ads. Here are some examples: 

  • Compare cross-channel website engagement within a target account segment before and after ads. Did target accounts come to your site more frequently after the ads launched? Was there a lift in overall conversions?
  • Define a group of prospect accounts and compare BDR response rates between accounts seeing air-cover ads and those not seeing ads.

How to get started with Display Ads

Ready to start running your own display ad campaigns? Check out these guides for more info on campaign creation and reporting.

How To Create An Ad Campaign

Understanding the Ads Lift Report

Understanding the Ads Report

Understanding the Funnel Impact Report

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