How to Create an Ad Campaign

Display ads deliver personalized messaging and offers to key target accounts and stakeholders. They are great for increasing awareness and engagement within your target accounts. Use them to warm up un-engaged accounts, re-engage accounts that have gone cold, or build consensus across buying groups in your pipeline.

Triblio Tip

  • Show impact from your ads by measuring account funnel progression and engagement lift within your target accounts.
  • Combine ads with other tactics (e.g. BDR outbounding) to boost impact.

So how do I launch an ad campaign in Triblio?

Launching an ad campaign occurs in four main steps:

  1. Creating your target audience
  2. Creating your campaign
  3. Creating your ad group
  4. Activating your campaign
  5. Measuring Your Ad Campaign

Creating your target audience

  1. Log in to Triblio and click the "Audiences" tab on the left
  2. Click "New Audience", give your audience a name, select the "Account List" audience type, and click "Create"
  3. Now we need to add accounts to your audience. Click an account criteria in the "Add Criterion" section to add it to your audience. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios:
    • I want to upload a list of accounts to target. Select the Account Domain criteria to add it to your audience. To add multiple domains at once, click "Select file" under "Upload a CSV file" and select a file from your computer. The file should be in this format: Domain CSV Template. Now, click "Done".
    • I want to import a list of accounts from Salesforce. Select the Salesforce Accounts criteria to add it to your audience and then click where it says "Click to configure". Click the dropdown on the left of the pop-up window and choose "Reports". Search for and select the appropriate Salesforce report and click "Save". 
    • I want to import a list of contacts from my marketing automation platform.  Click the Marketing Automation criteria to add it to your audience and select the appropriate type of Marketing Automation list to import (e.g. Hubspot List). Search for and select the appropriate contact list and click "Save". Finally, scroll down and expand the "Advanced" section on the right hand side of the audience window and enable the "Generate Account List From Marketing Automation" toggle. This tells Triblio to extract the domains from your contacts' email addresses to build a target account

Note: All audiences for display ads must have an account list defined. This is why we recommended creating an Account List audience back in Step 2. Here is a list of the criteria that can be used for display ads.

  • Account Domain
  • Salesforce Accounts 
  • Bombora Intent Data 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Hubspot CRM Accounts 
  • Dynamics 365 CRM Accounts

For more info about audiences, check out our How To Create An Audience guide.

Creating your campaign

  1. Click the "Campaigns" tab on the left.
  2. Click "New Campaign", give your campaign a name, and click "Create"

Creating your ad group

  1. Click "Add Audience" and select the audience you created above
  2. Click "Add Element" to create a new ad group
  3. In the pop-up window, enter a name for your ad group and select the Ad Group element.
  1. Click ‘Edit’ next to the ad group to open the editor page
  2. Load creatives into your ad group. After selecting your creatives, you will be prompted to give creative names and to assign landing page URLs.
    1. Click ‘Upload' on the right-hand side of the page to load new creatives into Select "Image" or "HTML5" depending on the file type of your creatives. 
    2. Click ‘Choose Existing' to import previously uploaded creatives.

Triblio Tip

  • Make sure your Triblio tracking scripts are deployed on the landing page. This will allow Triblio to track and validate clicks on your ads.
  • Make sure to include the three most common creative dimensions in your ad group: 300x250, 160x600, and 728x90. This will ensure that we can bid on most of the available ad inventory for your target accounts.
  1. Click the yellow 'Settings’ button to set up the ad campaign targeting parameters and budget.
    1. Targeting Strategy
      • Expand the "Advanced" section at the bottom of the Targeting Strategy module. You will see a slider appear with three options: IP, Hybrid, and Contact. Move the slider to select your preferred targeting method.
    2. Triblio Tip

      • Hybrid or Contact settings will serve display ads to your target accounts using cookies only (Contact) or a combination of both cookies and IP data (Hybrid). These settings allow for targeting at the persona level and are most effective in North America.
      • IP targeting settings serve display ads to your target accounts using IP addresses only. These are best for global targeting where cookie data is not as robust.
    3. Role Targeting
      • If you selected Hybrid or Contact as your targeting strategy, you will see the Role Targeting module on the left side of the screen. This allows you to target a specific persona within your target accounts using departments, job levels and/or job titles. This helps to keep your ad spend lean and efficient as you focus your ads in front of the people most likely to be involved in business decisions for your product. Note: The job departments, job levels, and job titles criteria are combined using "and" logic.
      • Additional Emails: Already know exactly who you want to reach at your target accounts? Simply upload those email addresses to your ad group as a .csv file by clicking the "Upload CSV" button. You can also include any contacts associated with these accounts from your Salesforce by switching on the Salesforce Contacts Include toggle. Much like the Persona-Based approach, this will allow you to be lean and efficient with your spend. It has the added benefit that you know the people you are serving ads to.
      • If your ad group's Targeting Strategy is set to IP, Triblio will target all IP addresses associated with the accounts in the parent
    4. Budget
      • Total Ad Group Budget - Enter the max you want to spend on this specific ad group. There is a minimum of $175.
      • Daily Ad Group Budget - Enter the max you want to spend on a daily basis for this ad group. There is a minimum of $5.
      • CPM Bid - Enter the max you are willing to bid per every 1,000 impressions. There is a minimum of $3.

  1. (Contact or Hybrid ad groups only) Click "Estimate Reach" on the right hand side of the ad group settings page. Once the reach estimator is finished running (this make take a few minutes), it displays the number of targetable devices based on your current role targeting and audience configuration. Note that you must have a minimum reach of 100 contacts in order for your campaign to go live.

Activating Your Campaign

  1. When you are ready to activate your campaign, return to the campaign designer page and select the blue deploy tab at the top
  2. Then click the green Activate button on the right hand side

This will push your ad group into the "Pending" status, meaning that it's syncing over to the ad networks and preparing to begin delivering impressions. Once this syncing process is complete, the yellow "Pending" tag will switch to a green "Live" tag next to the ad group element.

IP targeted ads typically go live within 24-48 hours. For contact-based targeting, it can take up to 7 days for the audience to sync and begin delivering impressions.

Measuring Your Ad Campaign

When evaluating the performance of account-based ads, it's important to measure engagement lift as well as account funnel progression. Within Triblio, we measure these two KPIs using the Ads Account Lift report and the Funnel Impact report.

Here are a couple examples of insights you can draw using these reports:

  • This ad campaign has driven a 40% lift in the number of target accounts visiting our website each week, thereby boosting brand awareness and target account penetration.
  • Since launching this ad campaign, we've reached 95% of the target accounts with ads and influenced the creation of 5 new opportunities totaling $265k in pipeline.

Additional Details

Display Ad Costs

Triblio's ad bidding is structured by cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions. When running ads, the ad spend is not included in the base product pricing. Ad spend is a pass-through cost and Triblio does not take any percentage of ad spend. Any leftover ad spend can be attributed to a future ad campaign. Before ads go live, the ad spend must be added into the Triblio platform. Throughout the duration of an ad campaign, the budget will be continuously optimized based on client goals and timeline.

Ad spend budget varies widely by customer and display ad purpose. If you have questions in determining a budget, talk to your CSM for recommendations.

Default Settings

When running display ads, our system defaults to using certain settings.  These can be adjusted by your CSM if you'd like to customize them:

  • Ads will run Monday-Friday from 7am to 10pm EST
  • Impression frequency is set to 8 impressions per device per 8 hours.
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