How To Measure ABM Success

Best-in-class ABM programs orchestrate marketing and sales tactics to influence and convert target accounts to revenue. In light of this, it's critical to adopt a measurement framework that evaluates your ABM program as a whole instead of as a group of isolated channels. 

Our goal with this guide is to help you accurately measure the success of your program while still allowing you to evaluate and individual tactics within the strategy.

The Yardstick

The first step is to establish a solid standard of measurement. Based on our experience with launching over 200 ABM programs, we recommend tracking these 5 account-based KPIs to measure success.

KPI Definition Key metrics
Reach % of target accounts touched by campaigns Ad impressions, email opens
Engagement % change in interactions with target accounts Website visits, email campaign responses
MQAs # of highly engaged accounts prioritized for sales engagement MQAs 
Pipeline $ value of deals opened in target accounts New Opportunities
Revenue $ value of deals closed-won in target accounts Closed Deals

We know that 90% of target accounts are on a vendor's website for at least three months before converting, so we need a set of KPIs that allows us to track progress from the earliest stages of awareness all the way down to closed-won revenue.

The Framework

So how do we report on these KPIs? Triblio's Funnel Impact Report tracks all of these KPIs and visualizes them as an account funnel. This report is built on two snap shots of the ABM funnel - think of it as a "before" and "after" keying off a customizable date range.

The Funnel Impact report takes these 5 KPIs and uses them to show account funnel progression driven by your ABM efforts.

Here are a couple examples of results you can illustrate using this report:
  • Since this ad campaign launched, 580 accounts saw our ads for the first time (newly reached accounts) and 230 accounts visited our website for the first time (newly engaged accounts).
  • Since launching ABM last year, we've influenced 38 opportunities within target accounts totaling $11.4 million in pipeline.
  • This personalization campaign has driven a 2x increase in the number of MQAs (highly engaged accounts - ready for sales outreach) over the past month.

These types of results are impactful because they are closely tied to business outcomes. Highly engaged accounts are more likely to convert inbound and respond to sales outreach. Ads driving brand awareness can get you in the door to start a conversation with an elusive Tier 1 account.

If you'd like to learn more about the Funnel Impact Report, check out our in-depth guide here: Understanding the Funnel Impact Report

The Method

Here is the method we recommend for measuring ABM success:

  1. Pull the funnel impact report for each of your key segments on a monthly basis
  2. Compare month-over-month account progression to benchmarks and baselines. We've found the benchmarks found in TOPO's 2019 ABM Survey to be helpful.
  3. You can draw baselines for your segments by looking at the Funnel Impact report for your target audience for the period before targeting it with ABM (e.g. 2 months before vs. 2 months after)

Pulling these monthly Funnel Impact reports helps to clearly demonstrate the impact of ABM for your organization and shows how your efforts are nurturing the most important accounts . Here's an example of how could summarize a monthly Funnel Impact snapshot across multiple segments:

Account List Timeline Targeted Reached Engaged MQA Pipeline  Revenue
Tier 1 Accounts Feb 1-present 40 38 25 6 2 $22,000
AE Named Accounts Jan 1-March 10 230 230 150 39 10 $240,000
Competitive Takeaways Jan 15-present 65 60 31 8 4 $110,000
SMB Targets Feb 20-present 468 462 317 50 25 $380,000

The Deep Dive

Once you have this high-level measurement framework in place, it's time to pull in other reporting sources to add color and context to the individual tactics that support these top-line funnel progression KPIs. Start by exploring the rest of Triblio's reporting suite. Here's a summary of all the reports in Triblio with links to in-depth guides: Triblio Reporting Guide. We recommend starting with the Account 360 Report and the Ads Account Lift Report.

Once you've familiarized yourself with Triblio's reporting capabilities, check out our Google Analytics and Salesforce integrations and the unique reporting functionality available in those platforms.

Measuring ABM with Google Analytics

CRM Dashboards for Reporting

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