Module Overview: Website Personalization (Messaging & Overlay CTA)

Foundry's Personalization module allows you to provide customized website experiences for your target accounts. We accomplish this by modifying your site's messaging, imagery, and CTAs for each of your key segments in real time, resulting in higher quality engagement from your target accounts.

How does Personalization work?

When a visitor comes to your site, Foundy's Learning Engine identifies the visitor's account and then loads the appropriate personalization instead of your default website content. We then track each time a visitor views or interacts with a personalization and use this data to power campaign reports in Triblio.

There are two types of personalization elements available for use in Triblio campaigns:

  • Messaging elements allow you to modify your site's existing copy, imagery, and even HTML code. You could use this element to dynamically adjust which case study you highlight on your homepage, depending on the visitor's industry.
  • Overlay CTA elements consist of slide-ins, pop-ups, and sticky footers, usually used to promote conversion opportunities or event sign-ups. You could use this element to promote a white paper download that's specifically relevant to prospects currently talking to a competitor.

How does Personalization drive results?

Personalization is focused on providing website visitors with messaging and content that will be most likely to resonate. For example, if you sell into three industries, personalization would allow you to tailor your homepage messaging to each of those verticals, highlighting success stories and solutions that will be most relevant to visitors from the three industries.

As a result, we expect to see personalizations drive longer sessions, lower bounce rates, more return visitors, and increased conversion rates within your target accounts.

How to get started with Personalization

Ready to start personalizing your site for your target accounts? Check out these guides for more info on campaign creation and reporting.

How to Create a Messaging Campaign

How to Create an Overlay Campaign

Measuring ABM with Google Analytics

Understanding the Funnel Impact Report

Things To Remember

Previewing Messaging Personalizations: If some elements on your site (images primarily) are lazy-loaded, meaning that they load after the page is fully loaded can cause an issue with the platform previewer, since it evaluates whether selectors are "missing" when the page reports that it's loaded. This shouldn't be a problem once you turn the personalization live since active personalizations try to apply their changes constantly until the target element is loaded.

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