TUX: Using Foundry Priority Contacts in the Orchestration Canvas

What are Priority Contacts?

Priority Contacts is a new feature for Triblio's Orchestration Canvas that allows you to source net new contacts and push those contacts into other systems (Salesforce, Hubspot, Salesloft, etc.). Previously, orchestration canvas actions that pushed contacts to other systems had to use contacts that already existed in your CRM or Marketing Automation. 

If you don't already have a high volume of contacts for your target accounts, this feature can open up new use cases for your orchestrations, such as adding target account contacts to email drip nurture in your marketing automation or queuing up contacts for SDR outreach in Salesloft.

How do I use Priority Contacts in my Orchestrations?

First, you will need to create a contact action to add new contacts to Triblio's Contact Universe

  1. Create or navigate to an orchestration canvas.
  2. Click "Add" in the "Actions" section of a stage in your orchestration and select the "Universe from Priority Contacts" action.
  3. Enter title keywords and click "Add". 
  4. Tip: When entering a lot of keywords, you can paste in a string of comma-separated title keywords and click "Add" - Triblio will parse them for you.
  5. Enter a value in the "Number of contacts per account" field. This limits the number of Priority Contacts that this action can source for each account that enters the orchestration stage. 
  6. Please Note: These contacts count against the total number of Priority Contacts provisioned in your Triblio subscription.
  7. Click "Save"

Now that you've set-up the 'Universe From Priority Contacts' action, here's what happens when an account enters this orchestration stage:A list of contacts that match your title and "Number of contacts per account" settings will be pulled from the Priority Contacts database

  1. Those contacts will then be added to your Contact Universe in Triblio.

    The Contact Universe is a repository of contacts that lives in your Triblio instance. All orchestration canvas actions that add contacts to another system can pull contacts from the Contact Universe. If you'd like to learn more about the Contact Universe, check out this article

Next, you need to add another contact action to take the newly added contacts from the Contact Universe and push them to their final destination.

  1. Navigate back to your orchestration canvas from the previous steps and add another action from the "Add Contacts To" category. This could be "Add Contacts to Hubspot List/Salesloft Cadence/Marketo List/etc." depending on your integrations.
  2. In the pop-up window for the new action, select the list/cadence that you'd like to add your Priority Contacts to and click "Save Criteria."
  3. Click the three dots next to your new action and select "Configure."
  4. Set "Get Contacts From" to "Account Universe" and add a rule that gets all contacts where "Source" contains "Priority Contacts" and then click "Save"

These two actions will now work together to source new contacts and then push those contacts to your other systems for accounts that move into their orchestration stage.


Q: What data points are included with these contacts? 
A: Priority Contacts include First Name, Last Name, Title, Email

Q: Are Priority Contacts the same as the contacts I receive from LeadSift?
A: Under most conditions, there is 90%+ overlap between Priority Contacts and Leadsift's contact deliveries. The contacts that Leadsift delivers are primarily Priority Contacts with the remaining 5-10% being contact level intent collected across the public web. 

One important distinction is that Priority Contacts are not inherently bound to accounts showing intent the way LeadSift's contact deliveries are. Priority Contacts are entirely dependent on the audiences that you add to your orchestrations. These audiences can use intent criteria from Neon and Bombora, but they can also use other criteria like CRM statuses or website activity. For example, you could build an audience for accounts that are in your CRM and have visited a pricing page on your website within the last month, add that audience to an orchestration canvas, source Priority Contacts and push those contacts to Salesloft for queue them up for SDR outreach. 

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