Understanding the Pipeline Impact Report

  1. Overview
  2. How to Run the Pipeline Impact Report
  3. Understanding the Report
  4. What to Look For


The Pipeline Impact report was built to provide a deeper look into the pipeline stage of the Funnel Impact Report. An essential part of any ABM program is determining the overall influence of your ABM efforts on pipeline creation and nurture. This report will show you two things. First, for each of the opportunities created over the date range, you will see all the tracked account activity and influence in the year leading up to opportunity creation. Second, you will see the calculated impact Triblio had on a given opportunity.

Before you can run this report, you will need to configure your revenue report in your CRM set up area. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

Note: This report will only work if you have Salesforce or Hubspot CRM.

How to Run the Pipeline Impact Report

  1. Navigate to the "Metrics" tab in Triblio and click "Pipeline Impact" under the KPI Reports section.
  2. Use the calendar at the top left to select the appropriate start and end dates for your report. This date range will include any opps created within the start and end dates.
  3. By default, the Pipeline Impact report loads all opportunities created within your CRM over the given date range. Add an audience filter if you want to only look at opportunities created for a given audience.
  4. Slide the Impact Threshold bar to include opportunities that were more or less influenced by Triblio.
  5. Once the report has loaded, note the number of opportunities that were created as well as the total value of those opportunities.
  6. Click on any of the opportunity rows to get a year look back view of all account activity.

Understanding the Report

At the top of the report, you can configure the following items: 

  • The Date Range: This date range will return all of the opportunities that were created within your CRM over this date range.
  • The Audience Filter: By default, the report includes opportunities from all accounts. Adding an audience filter scopes the report to only look for opportunities created by accounts within the audience.
  • The Opportunity/Deal Filters: By default, the report includes all types of opportunities. You can set up additional opportunity/deal filters to only include opportunities or deals with certain fields/properties in the report.
  • The Impact Threshold: This is the calculated amount of influence Triblio had on the opportunity creation. The score ranges from 0 (meaning no impact) to 100 (meaning we had a strong level of influence). The impact threshold takes into account web engagement, ad coverage and engagement, and intent signals.

Once you have your report configured, you can drill further into the individual opportunities by clicking on them. This will give you a view into all the different activities that have been tracked over the year leading up to the opportunity creation date:

The metrics included in this view are the following:

  • Impressions: The total number of impressions served to this account over the year leading up to opportunity creation.
  • Web Activity: The total number of page views generated over the year leading up to opportunity creation.
  • Unique Visitors: The total number unique devices that came to your site over the year leading up to opportunity creation.
  • Campaign Interactions: The aggregate of campaign interactions generated by this account (ad clicks, view-throughs, overlay/messaging clicks, and smart page interactions) over the year leading up to opportunity creation.

Triblio Tip

  • Use the Pipeline Impact report to do quarterly impact analysis of your ABM efforts on pipeline. This report will give you a holistic perspective of all the things you have done in Triblio to make a difference on revenue.
  • Use the data from the report and combine it with your internal knowledge of opportunity creation to help tell an account story. Look for lulls in engagement that are re-ignited by marketing efforts.

What to Look For

The  Pipeline Impact report shows you how your ABM program is influencing generated opportunities (in and out of Triblio) are having on the funnel. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Opportunities that had an influence of ≥ 80 to show the top influenced accounts
    • These accounts have had the most consistent multi-channel coverage over the last year. They are going to be the strongest case to highlight internally. Drill into the account timeline and details to look for the connection between sale's efforts and marketing's influence.
  • Opportunities from different revenue verticals (New Business, Expansion/Renewal):
    • Good ABM programs make an impact on all revenue segments. Utilize this report to surface your program's influence on new business as well as on current customer, or other branches as well.

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