Module Overview: Smart Pages

Triblio's Smart Pages module allows you to create 1-1 content hubs or landing pages that are customized to the needs, interests, and buying profile of each account in an account list of any size. Marketers can deploy Smart Pages at scale for thousands of accounts and Sales can further refine them from inside their CRM. These personalized resources are a positive resource the both Marketing and Sales can use to deepen relationships with prospects and current customers alike.

How do Smart Pages work?

Once you have created your Smart Page template you are able to deploy that template across an audience (list of accounts). A unique URL will be created for each account that can then be shared via marketing automation emails, sales outreach or by linking through a website personalization

As your Sales Team begins conversations with a prospect, they will be able to update the content in that prospect's Smart Page from within their CRM. This allows your Sales Team to customize a Smart Page based on their interactions with the prospect. A Smart Page can evolve through the full lifecycle of a customer from being a target account to a prospect to onboarding.

How do Smart Pages drive results?

Once you've deployed your Smart Pages you will be able to see metrics from the account's engagement with the page. These metrics include number of unique visitors, total page views, total clicks and what links were clicked on as well as any 'known visitors' that have visited the site. 

Smart Page metrics provide greater insight than a typical marketing email. You are able to see how a client is engaging with the site and what content is most interesting to them. These insights arm your sales team with more specific and customized talking points. The ability to continually update the content provided on the Smart Page creates a resource that your prospects can bookmark, share easily with teammates and refer to as needed without needing to constantly search their inbox.

How to get started with Smart Pages:

Ready to start creating Smart Pages for your prospects or clients? Reach out to your CSM for a walkthrough.

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