Configure SFDC Task Alerts

  1. In Triblio, create a new campaign called "Salesforce Task Alerts".  This will keep is separate from other campaigns for easy reference.
  2. Add your "All SFDC Accounts" audience (see how to create this audience)
  3. Add a new element for this audience.  The element name can be "SFDC Task Alerts" and select "Salesforce Action" as the element type.
  4. Once your new element is added, click "Edit"
  5. In the edit tab, here are the steps to creating your task (note that you can customize parts of this depending on use case):
    1. For "Who", choose "Account"
    2. For "Condition", choose "MQA" OR "Account Score" and type in the score at which to send the task.
    3. For "Action", choose "Create Task".  Doing this will populate in criteria inputs to customize the task.
      1. For "Subject", we recommend "[[account_name]] reached MQA (or a qualifying level of engagement"
      2. For "Comments", we recommend:
        [[account_name]] has reached a qualifying level of engagement.

        At this time, they should start receiving outbound touches to help accelerate their progress. Please see below for where their activity has been and their account record for a more detailed understanding on their buying journey.

        Known Visitors from [[account_name]] (if any): [[visitor_email]]

        Suggested contacts to outbound to: [[contact_suggestion]]

        • Note: In order to add in Suggested Contacts, you will have to click on the right hand side where it says '[[contact_suggestion]]'. This will open a modal where you can choose the title and department of your of-interest personas and also the numbers of contacts to send per task (we recommend 2-5).
      3. For Frequency, we recommend 1 task per account per week
      4. For Owner, we recommend Assign to "Account Owner"
      5. For Priority, we recommend "Normal"
      6. For Status, we recommend "Not Started"
      7. For Type, we recommend choosing between "Task" and "Email" depending on how your reps work
      8. For Remind In, we recommend 2 days
    4. Once configured, return to the Campaign Designer page. In the top left corner click on "Deploy" and then click "Activate"
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