Audiences to Create

When setting up your Triblio account, you will want to make certain audiences right off the bat for tracking.

Audience Description
Everyone Criterion Field: Everyone
This will allow for a baseline of activity to populate and start tracking all accounts visiting.
All CRM Accounts Criterion Field: Salesforce/Dynamics Accounts (Created by using Account Condition of "Deleted" equals "False")
This will track and group the activity of all accounts in your Salesforce.
Accounts Not in CRM Criterion Field: Salesforce/Dynamics Accounts (Created by using Account Condition of "Deleted" equals "False") and then applying the "Exclude" toggle
This will track and group all accounts not in your Salesforce
Data Sync Criterion Field: Marketing Automation (Steps to make this list are found in their respective setup articles)
This will add in more information on known visitors and enable more customized and accurate targeting for your traffic.
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