How To Set Up Form Pre-Fill Setup

Using Triblio's form fill feature is a great way to enhance your account and lead data while decreasing the number of fields the user has to fill in convert (which often ends in increased form submissions!). Instead of the potential lead abandoning the page after they can't figure out which industry they're in or how many employees their company has, they can just give you their 

Currently, form fill is available for users of Marketo and Hubspot.  For other marketing automation systems, please contact your CSM about setting up a custom integration.

The form fill works by first completing a reverse IP lookup of the visitor filling out the form. The hidden form fields you select are the populated with information based on the IP address of that visitor. However, if the domain on the email being submitted is different than the IP location, the autofill will adjust and populate in data that corresponds to the domain on the email (rather than the IP address).

Triblio can pass in information from its own system as well as sync custom data from your system either from your CRM or custom upload.

What information can be passed in?

Fields that Triblio can write data to based off of IP and/or email domain include:

  • Company Name
  • Domain
  • Industry
  • Sub Industry
  • Employee Range
  • Revenue Range
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • SIC Code
  • NAIC Code
  • Employees Code
  • Revenue Code
  • Is ISP
  • Custom Data*

*Custom Data refers to information you want to track on an individual domain level.

Configuring Form Fill

In order to make use of the form fill capabilities, you will need to have form editing permissions in your Marketing Automation instance, as well as Admin access to Triblio. 

  1. Determine the data you would like to have populated in your forms (see above).
  2. In your Marketing Automation System, create hidden fields for that data. Use string inputs that can accept text and numbers in various formats.  These new fields will have to be configured on all forms you would like this data to pre-populate on.
  3. In Triblio, navigate to 'Setup'
  4. In Triblio's Setup, go to 'Web Sites & API'
  5. At the bottom of this page, you will see 'Prefill Forms with Triblio Data' (if you don't see this at the bottom of the page, contact your CSM)
  6. Under 'Type' select your form provider.  At this time, Marketo and Hubspot are fully integrated.  However, if you use a different marketing automation system and want to use this feature, please talk to your CSM for a custom integration.
  7. Next, click 'Edit Form Prefills' and a modal will appear.
  8. In the modal, choose the domain you would like to deploy the form pre-fill to. If you would like to deploy to all domains listed here, you can leave this blank.
  9. Next, you can choose to 'Include Pages' and 'Exclude Pages' on the domain.  Both of these sections can be written with regular expressions respective to the URLs on your website.  For example, if you would like to only include your resources pages and they follow the pattern, you can type 'resources' into the 'Include Pages' input.
  10. To configure what data to populate in the forms, scroll to the bottom of the modal where it says "Select a field and specify a label to be inserted into your form."
  11. Open the dropdown and choose the first field to configure. 
  12. The example will describe the flow to configure Account Name but these same steps can be applied to all fields.
  13. In the dropdown, select 'Name'
  14. In the 'Custom Label' input box, write in the API name the field is given.  This name will be the API name from your Marketing Automation system.
  15. Write in a 'Default Value' for the field.  This will be the value that populates if the information isn't available when a form is submitted. To ease of sorting in your various systems, (not set) is the recommended value.
  16. Click 'Add' and you will see the data populate in the section above.
  17. Repeat steps 10-16 to finish creating all labels you would like to see in forms.
  18. Once finished, click 'Save
  19. For all forms that house these hidden fields, they will be populated on submit.
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