Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a tool for matching patterns in text. In Triblio, they are used to allow users to:

  1. Deploy a campaign on a select group of pages
  2. Add visitors to audiences who touch a specific set of pages
  3. Create goals that are triggered by a select group of pages
For example, imagine you want to deploy a campaign popup to any page on the area. Rather than listing every page individually, we can tell Triblio to match those pages automatically using the regular expression*
In a regular expression, the "." means  any character and the "*" means  any number of times. So the pattern above instructs, "match any URL that starts with followed by any set of characters".
Regular expressions are extremely powerful and can match much more sophisticated patterns than that. To learn more, we recommended the resources below. And your CSM will help you if you need guidance on writing a specific RegEx.
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