Analytics Scripts

Analytics Scripts

These scripts should be added across all your web pages where possible to track account web behavior. Each script can be deployed through the Triblio setup section after the overlay deployment script is added to your pages.

Read-Only Analytics

This is the global tracking script for Triblio campaigns and tracks visitor behavior on your site. By default, the analytics.js script is deployed wherever the footer.js script is deployed. However, you can also customize where the script is deployed.

1. In Triblio, navigate to the ‘Setup’ page.

2. Click on the ‘Web Sites & API’ tab.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Site Tracking’ section and click ‘Add Site.’ A new modal will pop up.

4. Enter a name that will distinguish this as the global tracking script (we recommend your company’s name) and click ‘Save.’

NOTE: After adding a name and clicking ‘Save’ the analytics script will auto-generate in the next modal.

5. Click ‘Save’ again on the new pop up that contains the tracking script.

If you want to deploy the script to all pages, you are finished. To customize pages to deploy to continue:

6. Click the ‘Deployment Settings’ button.

7. Enter your company’s domain name in the ‘Domain:’ text field and click ‘Save.’

NOTE: For this, you can use regular expressions (regex) to apply to multiple pages on your site. To learn more about regex, you can visit this site.

8. If there are any pages that you do not wish to track (e.g., customer login or payment pages that do provide valuable behavior data), add these fields to the ‘Do not deploy on URLs that contain:’ field.

Form Tracking Analytics Script

Triblio offers the ability to track form submissions for additional reporting on known visitors converting.  This script requires testing on your forms prior to full deployment. Please contact your CSM for steps if you'd like to install.

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