Metrics Reports

There are lots of different ways to track the success of your account-based programs.

Account Summary Reports

Account Summary Reports are account details, industry details, and audience segment details. The account details report displays all recognized accounts coming to your website. Industry details display specific industries coming to your site. Audience Segment Details groups information on your custom created audiences. For each report, see goal completes, unique visitors, and content seen in one view to see most engaged accounts. Add filters to the account report to see which accounts from audience segments, industries, campaigns, etc. are coming.

Note: When viewing the industry report you will likely see Telecommunications as having the largest visitor size since it contains ISP IP visits as well.

Account Summary Drilldown Reports

Click on any account, industry, or audience segments from the Account Details. Industry, or Audience Segment report to drill down into its detailed behavior. View the number of visitors, the amount of content seen, the number of conversions, and account score (if applicable). See the top pages the account, industry, or segment is visiting and the known and unknown visitors coming from that group.

Visitor Report

Drill down into individual known and unknown visitors content history. See the pages they visited, if it was a personalized experience, what forms they converted on and when their behaviors occurred. 

Campaign Details

The campaign report will display all the active campaigns you have running and what their Goal Complete rate it.  The goal complete rate is the average goal success rate of all the elements in the campaign. 

Campaign Drilldown

Clicking on any of the campaign names in the campaign details report ( alternatively, go into the campaign designer and click Metrics on the top of the page) will show a drill down of how each element in a campaign is doing. Measure click-through rate and conversion rate of the campaign. See the number of unique visitors and the number of times the element has been shown. The top pages visited refers to the pages where the elements have been seen. Change the goal and settings display under the "Columns and Goals" drop-down. 

If your campaign contains display ads, you will see the total spend, impressions, win rate, CPM, CPC, CTR, and total clicks. You will also see which accounts are seeing the ads, clicking the ads, and have view-through activities. View-through activities are when an account sees the display ads, doesn't click on it, and comes to your website.

Note: Click-through rate with on-page personalization will only show clicks on personalized elements

Ads Report

In Triblio's metrics tab, the Ads Report will show you which accounts have seen the ads, clicked on the ads, or viewed the ads and then come to your website. If there are multiple ad groups, you can filter the Ads Report.

Goal Performance Report

The Goal Performance Report shows the metrics of each of the custom created goals. 

Sales Notification Email

Sales Notification Email is designed to alert sales and marketing teams of web activity. Each email will report on the activity of one audience. To create the report, click "Add Notification Email". Type in or upload the email recipients and then add which audience you want to report on activity for. Choose the frequency of the email - this can be every day, once a week, or once a month (or somewhere in between!). Report on the activity of the last x days allows you to customize how much information you want in each email. You can also customize the subject line of your email for your sales and marketing team.

Example emails to setup: Create audiences for sales team based on their account ownership; create industry or territory based audiences to see unknown, in target accounts, create notifications for accounts that went to demo page but did not submit a form.

Columns and Goals

Most metrics reports will have a "Columns & Goals" drop-down at the top of the page. This allows you to toggle which information you want the report to show. For basic report metrics, see unique visitors, content seen, last visit, and click-through rate. For goal reporting, you can change which custom goal you want the campaign to report on. For conversion rate, choose to view click-through, view-through, or click and view-through conversions.

Click-Through vs. View Through Goal Complete

A click-through conversion means the visitor has to have clicked on a personalized button and then converted (or completed a goal) within 24 of that click in order for it to track. The view-through conversion is when an element is seen and then the user goes on to complete a goal. View-through conversions are best to measure on-page messaging campaigns.

Downloading MetricsFor most metrics views in Triblio, you have the option to download the data as a CSV file for any further analysis you want to do. After navigating to the Metrics Section and choosing a Summary Report, you can click the ‘Download CSV’ button on the top right. Any filters you apply (date, campaigns, industry, etc.) will be reflected in the file that’s downloaded.

This is particularly helpful for Ads Reports, where you can use the CSV file to filter out any adware data that might get caught in account tracking metrics.

Note on campaign metrics downloads

You cannot download campaign metrics directly. However, you can apply a campaign filter in the metrics section and download the reports there.

Note on content board metrics downloads The button to download metrics for content boards is a disk icon in the top right of the ‘Account Stats’ section.