How to Launch an Ad Campaign

Display ads deliver personalized messaging and offers to key target accounts and stakeholders to build consensus and awareness. They are great for awareness and engagement in target accounts. Use them to pre-target accounts to initiate a relationship, re-engage accounts that dropped off, or build awareness to new stakeholder or new use cases/solutions you offer. 

Display Ad Element Creation

Before you begin, you need a campaign and an account list audience.

  1. Click "Add Element" (highlighted above) to create a new ad group for an audience
  2. In the pop-up window, name your ad group and select "Contact Ad Group" or "Ad Group" depending on your preferred targeting method.
  3. Locate your new ad group and click ‘Edit’ to open the editor page in a new tab.
  4. Load creatives into your ad group
    1. Click ‘Upload' to upload image or HTML5 creatives directly from your device. 
    2. Click ‘Choose Existing' to import previously uploaded creatives. You will be able to select new creative names and landing page URLs.
  5. Click ‘Settings’ to set up the ad campaign parameters.
    1. Budget - Your company will send a predetermined amount to Triblio that will be used during the ad campaign via invoice. Triblio does not take any percentage, so the amount you decide to use will be fully passed through. Talk to your CSM for more information.
    2. Targeting
      1. Choose ‘Contacts’ to target specific individuals whose emails you have in your database
      2. Choose ‘Accounts’ to target the domain of the audience
    3. 3rd Party Audiences - you can also target ads at individuals who are targeted through third-party data sources.

Display Ad Audience Targeting

Display ads can be run to email contacts, account IPs, and/or personas.

Email contacts: Typically this yields the best return on ad spend with the highest click-through and engagement rate. In order to run on ad networks, a minimum of 100 contacts needs to be uploaded. Triblio is able to help build out your contact list if you do not have 100 contacts for ad targeting. For B2B ad network email targeting, you can expect a 50% match rate for uploaded emails.

Tip: It's important to target your exact buying persona as well as surrounding stakeholders. This establishes a relationship and builds initial rapport with budget owners, users, and decision makers at the company.

Note: Triblio will not be able to say which individual email contact saw an ad, but instead which account saw the ad, due to email privacy laws.

Account IPs: Target an entire target account with display ads based on their IP address. Get buy-in and awareness from the entire company.

Persona-Based Targeting: Fine-tune your targeted ad spend by targeting key accounts and specific job functions, roles, and departments within those accounts without waste. 

Display Ad Sizes and Creative

When building the display ad creative, we have three main recommended sizes:

  • 300x250
  • 728x90
  • 160x600

These sizes are the most common sizes available on ad networks.

For the best results, use animated gif images for display ads.

Display Ad Metrics

Primary metrics on display ads include:

  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • Win Rate
  • CPM (Cost per thousand)
  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CTR (Click through rate)
  • Clicks

Location of Display Ads

Account-based display ads are intended to locate the target account stakeholder while they are browsing instead of hoping the contact will find the ad. For this reason, the location of display ads cannot be selected. 

To receive a list of sites your ads are displayed on, talk to your CSM. The first report will take a week to generate and can be regularly supplied after that time.

Display Ad Costs

Triblio's ad bidding is structured by cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions. When running ads, the ad spend is not included in the base product pricing. Ad spend is a pass-through cost and Triblio does not take any percentage of ad spend. Any leftover ad spend can be attributed to a future ad campaign or returned to the customer. Before ads go live, the ad spend must pass through. Throughout the duration of an ads campaign, the budget will be continuously optimized based on client goals and timeline.

Ad spend budget varies widely by customer and display ad purpose. If you have questions in determining a budget, talk to your CSM for recommendations.

Default Settings

When running display ads, our system defaults to using certain settings.  These can be adjusted by your CSM if you'd like to customize them:

  • Ads will run Monday-Friday
  • Frequency of impressions are set to 8 impressions per person per device per 8 hours.