Integrating Marketo

Triblio can connect with Marketo and read IPs and cookies from your lists for targeting.  This is a great way to align your Triblio tactics with your email messaging for cross-channel consistency.  Additionally, we use your existing Marketo cookies to identify known users when the come to visit your site.  Triblio is able to pull in both static and smart lists from Marketo however Marketo's API doesn't support all filter types at this point (you can read more about their API here).

NOTE: You will need to log in to your Marketo account for this setup.

Setup Marketo Integration

1. In Triblio, navigate to the ‘ Setup’ page.

2. Navigate to the ' Marketo' tab and fill in the fields

  • To retrieve you Marketo Client ID and Client Secret, login to Marketo and go to 'LaunchPoint'
  • Click 'View Details' next to the integrating user and copy the ID and Secret into Triblio
  • To get your Marketo Base URL, return to Marketo and go to 'Web Services'
  • Copy the Endpoint URL up through the “.com” but nothing after it (e.g., “/rest”)

3. Click 'Authenticate'

Create a Data Sync List

  1. In your Marketo account, create a new Smart list (so that it will update with new form fills) that includes all known contacts and name it “Triblio - Data Sync.” We recommend building this list using the following criteria:
    1. Any contact that has submitted a form in the past 24 months
    2. Any contact that has clicked an email in the past 24 months
  2. Back in the Triblio App, navigate to the ‘Audience’ tab.
  3. Click ‘New Audience.’
  4. Name this audience “@Data Sync” and click ‘Create.’
  5. Add a criterion to this new audience by clicking on ‘Marketing Automation.’ In the ‘Add Marketing Automation Criterion’ modal that appears, select ‘Marketo Smart List.’  Click on the audience criterion that appears. 
  6. After the modal loads (this may take a second), you should see a list of Marketo lists. If you do not see this list, please let your CSM know.
  7. Search for the “Triblio - Data Sync” smart list that you created in Marketo and select it.
  8. At the bottom of the modal, you can choose to target individuals in this list by IP address, by cookie, or by both. For this list, select ‘IP Address and Cookie’ to fully and accurately track and target your Marketo contacts in Triblio.
    1. IP Address - includes any visitor using the same IP address as the contact.
    2. Cookie - includes the specific Marketo contact based on previous form fills.
  9. If the data synced correctly, you will see a green ‘Audience Segment Updated’ in the upper left corner of the screen. Please let your CSM know if you see an error message.