Triblio Platform Overview

Built around our leading ability to identify and target accounts anonymously, Triblio provides an end-to-end platform for targeting, engaging, and converting your top accounts. 

We like to break Triblio's functionality down into 6 categories:
  • Account Identification
    • Best-in-class anonymous account matching. Track accounts identified in your systems and gain insight to which accounts are viewing your website.
  • Display Ads
    • Build awareness, boost engagement, and support pipeline with contact and IP targeted display ads.
  • Web Personalization
    • Target your key segments with personalized website messaging, CTAs, imagery, and even custom code blocks.
  • Account-Based Analytics
    • Identify and score first and third-party intent, highlighting the best accounts and pushing insights into Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more. 
  • Sales Activation
    • Equip SDRs and AEs for effective outbound efforts. Track target account activity across all digital channels and trigger sales follow up at the perfect time. Sales Activity reports show which accounts are visiting your site, what content they are engaged with (first and third party intent), and which known visitors are coming from the account. 
  • Content Hubs, Microsites, and Landing Pages
    • Nurture buyers with dynamic content. Dynamically switch content in resource centers to match visitors interests. Create account-specific landing pages and microsites to ensure they only see the most relevant information.

So, what's next? 

  • Just getting started with Triblio? Check out our Setup Guide here.
  • Looking for strategy boost? Take a look at our Plays and Best Practices here.
  • Trying to drill down on a particular feature? Head over to our Product Documentation library here.
  • Want to master Triblio and become an ABM sherpa? Trailhead's thatta way ➡ Triblio University
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