Google Segment (Retargeting and Analytics)

Triblio allows you to push your Triblio audiences into Google Adwords for easy use in your retargeting campaigns. Retargeting elements also create segments in Google Analytics so you can filter all GA information by Triblio audience to track time on site, entrance pages, bounce rate, exit pages, goal completes, etc.

To enable this:

  1. Navigate to the campaign and audience you wish to retarget
  2. Click "Add Element" and then select the "Google Segment" option
  3. After naming and saving the personalization, click the corresponding "Edit" button
  4. Click "Multi-Location Deployment" and define which website pages you'd like this Google Segment to include.

  5. Enter your Google Analytics account ID (UA-********-*)

Going forward, when a visitor from this audience visits your website they will be recorded in Google Analytics with an Event Label corresponding to the Triblio Audience name for that Google Segment.

To start retargeting: 

  1. Navigate back to the Admin tab in your Google Analytics account
  2. Under "Property", select "Audience Definitions"
  3. Next, select "Audience"
  4. Click “New Audience”
  5. Select “Create New.”
  6. Under “Advanced” select “Conditions.” Click the dropdown “Ad Content” and search for “Event Label.”
  7. In the text box to the right enter the Triblio Audience name for your Triblio retargeting personalization
  8. Finish creating your audience in Google Analytics and then click “Save.”
  9. Log into your Google AdWords account. To the left, click “Shared Library” then “Audiences.” You should see your newly created Google Analytics Audience. It may take a few minutes to show up. 

Note: Once the audience size grows to over 100 members you will be able to serve Google Search and Display Network Ads to those Audience members.

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