Outreach Integration Setup and Overview

What does this integration do?

Our Outreach integration allows you to push contacts to Outreach sequences from your Triblio Orchestration Canvases via the "Add Contacts to Outreach Sequence" action. As a secondary function, the Outreach integration also allows you to import contacts into Triblio's Contact Universe from Outreach, allowing you to use Triblio orchestrations to add existing Outreach contacts to new Outreach sequences.

How to Integrate Outreach:

1. Make sure you are logged into Outreach

2. In Triblio, navigate to the Outreach Integration Setup page and click "Authenticate".

3. From the "Field to Match on Account for Domain" dropdown Triblio, select the field in your Outreach instance that contains company website.

Using the Outreach action in the Orchestration Canvas:

  1. Log in to Triblio (and make sure you're in the TUX version of the app - you'll see a banner at the top of your window prompting you to switch over to TUX if you haven't already)
  2. Navigate to the Orchestration tab and create a new orchestration canvas or edit an existing orchestration.
  3. In the "Actions" section of a stage, click "Add" and select the "Outreach Sequence" action.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the Outreach sequence you'd like to push contacts to and click "Save". Note: The list of Outreach Sequences in the pop-up window may take a few moments to fetch from Outreach.
  5. Click the ellipsis next to your new action and click "Configure". This will open a new flyout window where you can define which contacts will be added to the Outreach sequence.
  6. There are two possible sources for contacts that this action will push to Outreach. The Account Universe and the Audience in Stage.
    1. Account Universe: This option will source contacts from your Contact Universe (here: https://app.triblio.com/app#/contact-universe) and push them to the selected Outreach sequence. You can populate the Contact Universe with contacts via syncs from your marketing automation and CRM. To load contacts into your Contact Universe, go to this page and select one of the available import sources (currently Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesloft, Outreach, and Pardot). Configure the field mapping (we recommend email address, first name, last name, and title to start) and click "Save". Triblio will now import contacts to the Contact Universe. This enables the "Add Contacts to Outreach" canvas action to pull contacts from the Contact Universe, filter them by any contact fields you've imported to the Contact Universe (e.g. Title contains "Director"), and add the contacts to your selected Outreach sequence.
    2. Audience in Stage: This option will use the contacts added as Members Contacts to the parent audience of the orchestration canvas. For example, if you use a Hubspot List criteria in the target audience linked to the canvas, contacts on the Hubspot list will be imported into Triblio and added to that audience, allowing them to progress along with their parent account through the stages of your orchestration. Note that these contacts have email address as their only data point - adding contacts to Outreach from this source will create Outreach contacts with only the email value populated
  7. Now, when an account enters a stage with an "Add Contacts to Outreach Sequence" action, Triblio will source contacts from that account from either the Contact Universe or the Stage Audience (depending on your configuration) and add them to the selected Outreach sequence.
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