TUX: How to Deploy Scripts

When first getting started with Triblio, it is important to make sure that you deploy Triblio's scripts on your website. These scripts are necessary to track your ad campaigns and personalization metrics. They are also required if you want to pass on Triblio data to an analytics tool such as Google Analytics.

How to deploy scripts:

  1. In Triblio, navigate to the TUX experience
  2. Click on the set-up cog wheel toward the bottom of the left had menu.
    1. The default view will be of the "Website & API" section
  3. Locate your unique scripts under "Basic Scripts"Script #1 (h.js): Webpage Personalization
  4. Script #1 (header.js): Webpage Personalization Script
    1. This script functions to personalize your web pages based on the visiting account. Therefore, it needs to deploy before the body of the page to maintain a seamless experience for the user. For this reason, it should be placed in the <head> of your website. This script should not be deployed using a tag manager.
    2. Notes:

      If you do not have the web personalization module, you do not need to add the h.js script to your <head> tag.

      If your site has a referrer policy, ensure it whitelists tribl.io or that our script is below your <meta name=“referrer” content="no-referrer-when-downgrade"> tag.

  5. Script #2 (footer.js): Analytics and Overlay Cards 
    1. This script is used to track account activity and deploy slide-in cards, footers, and pop-ups personalized to the accounts that visit your webpage. It can be placed anywhere in the <body> section of your website, normally towards the bottom of the page. This scripts can be deployed across your web pages using your tag manager.
  6. Copy the script in the “Analytics and Overlay Cards script” text area and place it towards the bottom of the <body> section on all pages (including any landing pages not managed by your CMS) where you want to track account analytics and/or deploy Triblio campaigns. This can be done via a tag manager.
  7. Copy the script in the “Script for Webpage Personalization” text area and place it at the top of the <head> tag of each page where you want to deploy Triblio campaigns.
  8. When deploying the Webpage Personalization script, keep in mind:
    • Placing this h.js script at the top of the <head> tag will prevent screen flicker for your targeted audiences when the page loads.
    • Do not place this script using a tag manager, as that will delay its load time and potentially cause flicker

Additional script information:

Triblio offers the ability to track form submissions for additional reporting on known visitors converting.  This script (analytics-f) requires testing on your forms prior to full deployment.  The analytics and analytics-f scripts should not be deployed together. They are essentially the same script, except analytics-f adds the additional form tracking layer. Please contact your CSM for steps if you'd like to install.

If your site is a single page application, you will need to call Triblio's track function whenever the application location changes so Triblio's scripts know to register a new page view. This is the function to call:


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