How To Integrate G2 Intent

This integration allows you to import G2 intent signals and use them to build account-list audiences in Triblio.
Here are the steps to configure the integration:
  1. Go to the Setup tab in Triblio
  2. In the Setup tab, click "G2 Intent" on the left
  3. Enter your G2 API key in the field labeled "API Key"
    1. To get your G2 API key: Sign in to, navigate to Product Admin > Integrations  > API tokens
  4. Click Authenticate.

You've now successfully integrated G2 intent with Triblio! Going forward, your Triblio instance will ingest fresh G2 intent data nightly.

G2 intent categories will now be visible in the Audience editor (as the G2 Intent criteria) and the Intent Data report.

G2 separates intent data into the types of pages where the visit/intent signal occurred. The page types Triblio uses for scoring are product reference pages, product pages, and category pages.
Here's an example of each page type:
Based on the intent signal's page type, Triblio assigns the following intent scores in the Triblio platform:
  • Alternatives Page Views: Triggered by users that generated a page view on one of your G2 competitors.
  • Category Page Views: Triggered by users that generated a page view on one of your assigned Categories in G2.
  • Comparisons Page Views: Triggered by users that conducted a comparisons of your company with another in G2.
  • Product Profile Page Views: Triggered by users that generated a page view of your G2 Reviews, Pricing, Features, Reference Pages, and Video Reviews.
  • Sponsored Content Impressions: Triggered by users that saw an ad impression on G2.
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