September 2021 - Release Notes

Happy Fall! We have some major announcements in this release.


G2 Intent Integration (BETA)

Triblio is the integration king, and we always strive to make sure you have all the intent signals you need to stay on top of your accounts. For existing G2 customers you will now have G2 intent data as an audience criteria. This will give you the ability to target against G2 intent. The G2 data will also load into the current Intent Data Report.

TUX MVP (Closed Beta)

We heard your feedback, and we are listening! Triblio will be rolling out an all new interface and experience for multiple areas of the platform. The experience promises to be much more sleek and intuitive. The TUX Beta program will ensure the new Triblio experience has been tested in real use cases with live customer instances. A formalized beta program will assist in a smooth addition of TUX experience to the entire Triblio customer base.


Smartpage Video Section

It is now possible to add a video section to the Smartpages. Currently, the video must be hosted on Vimeo. 

Smartpage publishing consistency:

There have been a few bugs surrounding the publishing of Smartpages. As a result, we have further improved the consistency of the publishing to make sure the pages go live.

General Product Updates

We made a bunch of general updates to the platform, including the following:

  • Orchestration pagination fix (Salesloft, Outreach, Marketo)
  • Vanity Domain validation
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