August 2021 - Release Notes

Summer is wrapping up and we are releasing some great improvements to the platform.


Country Level Targeting on the Ad Group Level

Historically, ad's location targeting has been handled on the audience level. We have added in the ability to target things on the ad group level.

You have the ability now to quick select the targeted region or manually type in the name of the country you intend to target. 

The advanced section still works the same as previously. If you select the drop down arrow, you will see the option to manually adjust the targeting strategy. A change in this release is that we are no longer defaulting international ad groups to IP. Hybrid will be the default targeting for all regions, unless you toggle to IP or Contact in this advanced section.


Orchestration Tags

Are you tired of trying to guess which orchestration is which? Us too. Now you have a colorful tag that lets you know what type of orchestration (Activate, Discover, Canvas) all your existing campaigns are. 

Bombora Audience Topic Limit

Gone are the days where you are limited to only 12 topics in a single Bombora audience criteria! The limit has been expanded to 25 to accommodate our clients with a whole lot of topics. Now when you build out your clusters, you will no longer have to build multiple audience

General Product Updates

We made a bunch of general updates to the platform, including the following:

  • Increased report timeout to prevent timeouts and increase report performance
  • Added Contact Steps to the Orchestration Canvas. You now can use your marketing automation tools (Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, and Salesloft) as part of the Canvas.
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