April 2021 - Release Notes

💐Happy Q2! 💐

Spring is in full effect (well, for some of us!) and we've got some rays of sunshine to share with you:

Orchestration Canvas

Ads/LinkedIn Ads (Beta)

If you have our newly rolled out Orchestration Canvas, you will notice the different targeting options available when creating your orchestrated campaigns:

Website Personalizations/CTAs/Google Segments:

Similar to the above, if you have Orchestration Canvas the ability to now add in elements supporting your retargeting, redirecting, and personalization strategies are now supported in the module's UI:

Orchestration "Triggers" now customer-facing in Canvas:

  • Ad Engagement Stage Triggers (Clicks, Impressions)
  • Web Personalizations Stage Triggers (Views, Clicks)

Campaign metrics visible in Orchestration Canvas:

  • Ads performance metrics
  • Personalization engagement metrics
  • # of accounts
  • Account search | audience membership | stage history

New Features!

SugarCRM Integration:

  • Create audiences:
    • Import accounts from SugarCRM into an audience: This allows you to not only use SugarCRM data in Triblio, but also combine that data with other valuable data available in Triblio.
  • ABM Analytics Module:
    • How do sales users leverage Triblio, even when they do not use the Triblio platform directly? The ABM Analytics Module! This embedded application surfaces meaningful account info to sales persons within the SugarCRM platform.

Platform Updates

Consolidated Ad Group Types:

  • There is now only the option to add an “Ad Group.” Now, in order to distinguish between contact or IP targeting there is a section in the UI to choose between targeting regions (NA, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC). You can find this in the settings section of each ad group!

Blacklist UI Updates:

  • We added a dropdown with ‘Add to Blacklist’ and ‘Add to Global Blacklist’
  • You now also have the option to search and/or sort!
  • Blacklist CSV upload for global blacklisting

Ads Bulk Actions:

  • You can make bulk edits to: Total budget, Daily Budget, and/or CPM

Dynamic Audience Sync Dates:

Users feel nervous when they see that dynamic criteria are "syncing". To keep the users informed about the status of the criteria, there is now a tooltip to show the last synced date! This will affect the following criteria: 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Bombora Intent Data
  • Salesforce Accounts
  • Hubspot CRM Accounts
  • Dynamics Accounts
  • IDG Intent

Campaign Sorting:

Now the campaign list section should have the same sorting/filtering experience to the audience sorting/filtering (woohoo!).

Account List Upload Shows ‘Net’ New Accounts:

The messaging used to show the raw number of accounts - now, if accounts have already been uploaded into an audience, the message will show the difference.

Coming Soon

  • Credit Card Payment(testing)

Questions? Reach out to your Triblio CSM!

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