Brand Safety - Display Ads

Through our partners with DSPs that we implement brand safety by integrating a multi-step process of monitoring inventory traffic from exchanges as well as during the ad serving.

Quality assurance of inventory traffic from exchanges 

IP Filter

Our partners block IP addresses of known server and web hosting providers that send non-human traffic

Fraud Prevention

Our partners utilize Impact to protect our clients against high-risk traffic sources. They monitor the real-time predictive quality scoring for each visitor that views an ad or completes an action.

Human Verification & Domain Whitelist

Our partners have teams tasked with manually examining the quality of domains to ensure a brand safe environment and purely operates off of whitelist solutions.

The following are some of the criteria used during the manual review of publishers and inventory:

  1. Content Category Compliance - website content is permitted within the partners' content guidelines (e.g.  no sexual content/copyrighted content/weapons & firearms)
  2. Content Quality - website legitimacy and verification of potentially computer generated/aggregated content (e.g. fake local news content)
  3. Historic Fraud Rate - MOAT Invalid Traffic Stats
  4. Ad Unit Rendering - review of ad units on site
  5. Brand Safe Content - safe for the majority of advertisers
  6. Known Fraudulent Domains - sites that are known to be involved in ad fraud schemes are removed from our inventory as soon as they are exposed or detected

Machine Learning 

For whitelisted domains, our partners utilize machine learning techniques to detect patterns of suspicious behavior with regard to impressions, clicks, engagements and other events.

Quality assurance of ad serving

Ad Audit

Our partners have a team that ensures creative assets and landing pages are compliant with Triblio and respective supply sources' ad policies and the law.

Post Bid Analysis 

Our partners collaborate with MOAT to ensure each user action is authentic, each ad is viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe.

Risk Analysis - Ad Verification

Our partners use Ad Lightning to scan and monitor ad tags for malware and data leakage. Ad Lightning's continuously scans ad tags both prelaunch and inflight. Through constant 24hr monitoring, the quality of each and every ad is consistently monitored. 

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