LinkedIn Matched Audience Overview


Our LinkedIn integration is designed to expand your ABM orchestrations' coverage by syncing matched audiences from Foundry to LinkedIn. Specifically, the LinkedIn Matched Audience element in Foundry generates a list of contacts derived from an audience, syncs that contact list into LinkedIn Campaign Manager as a matched audience, and pulls account-level LinkedIn impression and click metrics back into the Foundry Platform.

LinkedIn Matched Audience elements are currently available to use in the orchestration canvas as well as classic campaigns and the classic canvas.

Before you can begin syncing matched audiences to LinkedIn, you'll need to authorize your LinkedIn instance in the Foundry Platform. To do this, go to Setup > LinkedIn Setup > Authorize. Once you've authorized the connection, you're ready to start adding matched audience elements to your orchestrations!


  1. To add a LinkedIn Matched Audience element to your orchestration, click Add in the elements section of a stage and then select the LinkedIn element.
  2. Input a name for the matched audience element and click Save. *Make sure this name is unique, as this is what you will see in Linkedin*
  3. You will be prompted with two options: Manage in Triblio or Manage in Linkedin (audience sync only)
  4. Click the ellipses and then Edit next to your new element to open the LinkedIn Matched Audience editor
  5. In both the 'Manage in Triblio' and 'Manage in Linkedin (audience sync only)' options you will be presented with the same layout. Use the Role Targeting module to configure your target persona. This controls which contacts Foundry will push over to LinkedIn. To build the contact list, Foundry will first take the list of target accounts in the stage, source contacts within those accounts that match your role targeting settings, and then push that contact list over to LinkedIn for matching.
  6. Use the Sync Audience to LinkedIn Campaign section to tell Foundry which LinkedIn campaign to reference to import account-level impressions and clicks back into Foundry. Important: this setting does not load your matched audience into the selected campaign. It only tells Triblio where to pull metrics from. Metrics are sent from LinkedIn to Foundry approximately every two weeks. 
  7. If your orchestration stage already contains accounts, you can click the "Estimate Reach" button to find out how many contacts Foundry will include in the matched audience. Note: if your orchestration is still in "Draft" mode, accounts won't have been added to any stages yet, resulting in "0" reach.
  8. The "Upload Additional Contacts" option allows you to load your own contacts to combine with Foundry's role targeting, however, we recommend avoiding this in the orchestration canvas since the uploaded list will be static and the accounts included in the orchestration stage will be dynamic (i.e. the stage's target account list and the uploaded contacts will get out of sync quickly).

When you activate your orchestration, your LinkedIn Matched Audience element will generate a contact list for all of the accounts in its stage and sync it over to LinkedIn. You should see the matched audience "building" in LinkedIn within an hour or two. Once the segment has finished matching in LinkedIn, you can use it in your LinkedIn campaigns, just like any other audience. Foundry will periodically update this segment in LinkedIn to stay in line with the Orchestration Canvas stage membership as accounts move in and out of the stage.

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