March 2021 - Release Notes

It's been a pretty busy year already - spring is right around the corner and we've got some platform updates in full bloom to share! Check out the below to see what's new and customer-facing:

Full History Campaign Details Reporting:

In the Campaign Details report, there is now an option to select a 'full history' date range. This allows you to see metrics for the full history of the campaign rather than having to input the date range manually.

Smart Page Creation from the ABM Analytics Module:

It is now possible to create a Smart Page directly from the ABM Analytics Module! Log into your Salesforce or Salesloft instance and check it out.

Notification UI Revisions: 

The notifications UI continues to undergo improvements in usability. There is now a better dropdown filter view and a simple dropdown sorting!

Account 360 - Intent Data Now Sorted:

Intent in the Account 360 report is now sorted by score! When you click on an account to drill down into it further, you will see your intent data now sorted by surge score.

One Additional Platform Update:

1. Revenue Report Now Supports Multiple Pipelines

Coming Soon:

1. Credit Card Payments for Ads

2. Sales Activation Orchestration (woohoo!)

3. Global Blacklisting to Support CSV Uploads

4. Placement domain metrics and domain blacklisting will both be available at the ad group level (woohoo again!)

5. LinkedIn Ads/Audience Matching (woohoo x3!)

Questions? Reach out to your Triblio CSM!

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