Sales Guide: How To Edit A Smart Page

As a Sales user, you can access Smart Pages for your accounts and content to them directly from our ABM Analytics Module in Salesforce. To get started, navigate to one of your account records and scroll down until you see the Triblio ABM Analytics module. Next, click the "Smart Pages" tab within the module to see all Smart Pages that have been created for the account. Click "Edit" next to the Smart Page you'd like to modify.

This will open a new tab and take you to Triblio's Smart Page Editor. To Edit content in the Smart Page, roll your mouse over a section of the page and click. The Editor panel will show up on the right side of the page, allowing you to modify the content in that section. Depending on the section you select, you can edit text, images, URL's, content cards and more. 

In the card section of the Smart Page you can add and edit new or existing cards. To add a new card, click the card section to select it and then click "Add Card" in the Editor panel.

There are several content card types to choose from. When creating a new card you can choose to add a linked item (like a blog post or webpage), adding a video link (Vimeo, YouTube, Vidyard, etc.), uploading a file, or adding a PDF. 

Alternatively, you can choose from cards that have already been updated into the Smart Page and are now in the Card Library. You can search for the name of the card and then add the one you want by clicking "Add to Bottom".

Once you've selected the desired card type and loaded the appropriate URLs or files, click "Add to Bottom" to add your new card to your Smart Page. Now, you can click on the new card and edit the title, description and image. You can also click and drag to change the order of the cards within the module.

When you're happy with the updates made to your Smart Page, click "Publish" at the top right of the page and the changes will be applied immediately!

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