November 2020 - Release Notes

With 🦃+ 🎁 right around the corner, we are looking forward to the end of the 2020 madness. BUT we still have new product features to release and improve, so... checkout what we just released this week below!

The Ability to Edit/Delete Smart Page Templates:

You can now edit and delete Smart Page templates through the Smart Page tab in Triblio. This allows you to design and update templates that you have created as well as cleaning up old or outdated templates that you don't need or want anymore. 

Note: These edits will only be applied to new pages that are created using this template and will not retroactively update smart pages that were built using the updated template.

Smart Page Link Download:

You can now download all of the account urls that have been generated for a smart page!

New Pages Visited Report:

This new report allows you to see which pages on your site are being visited the most and what accounts are visiting those pages. You can find this new report in the metrics section of the Triblio platform or by clicking this link here.

Slight Notifications Center Updates:

There is no concept of clearing from the Notification Center because it is meant to be the full history of your notifications. You can however still filter by date should you desire. You will receive notifications for unread notifications. Once viewed the alert will be cleared.

Invoice Requests Are Now Included in the Audit Trail:

The audit trail now has invoice requests added. So when a user requests an invoice, the Date, Amount, and User will be logged in the audit trail.

Favorited Reports Now Include the Report Type:

Now when a user has favorited a report, the report type will show in the metrics UI!

Minor Platform Updates:

1. Added ability to remove pipeline/deal filters on the Pipeline impact report.

2. A bunch of typos were fixed... (No more comma serperated prompts... 🤣)

3. Numerous other small bugs squashed and stability improvements made.

Got questions? Reach out to your Triblio CSM!

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