September 2020 - Release Notes

Fall is here! And we are dropping new features and squashing old bugs.

Trigger Sales Orchestration Based on Surging Location:

When utilizing Discover based Orchestrations, instead of using headquarters location, you can now use Bombora's surge signals to segment the accounts that are coming to your site.

Custom Tailoring Your Smart Score with Hot Pages:

It is now possible to give certain web pages an increased weight in Smart Score calculations. Assign product, demo, contact us pages with an increased weight to customize the signals you receive from Smart Scores. You can do that here.

Campaign View Improvements:

On the Campaigns page, you can now click on any of the campaigns to reveal what elements are within the campaign. Additionally, if there are errors on any ad groups within a campaign, an alert badge will show up and the error will be revealed in the drop down.

Additionally, we added the Designer, Deploy, and Metrics buttons to the top level campaign view and added them to the actions drop down so that you can immediately drill into them.

Orchestration Summary Emails:

In any orchestration, you can now assign an additional recipient to receive a Summary Email for orchestration alerts. The Summary Email will include a list of all the people who received the orchestration alert, the number of accounts in each alert, and a link to download the content of each recipients reports:

Smart Pages - SSL Certificates for Vanity Domains:

Yes, secure smart pages are now a thing! All new smart pages will get these certificates automatically. If you want to upgrade any currently existing smart pages, then on the smart page itself simple reconfigure the vanity domain by removing it then re-adding it:

Platform Updates:

1. Web personalizations targeting account lists now show which accounts saw or engaged with saw personalizations in the campaign metrics section:

2. Audiences with large account membership can now be emailed to you in case the file is too big to download.

3. We moved the notification center from the side bar to the top of the application in the form of a Bell icon.

4. + Many bug fixes!

Got questions? Reach out to your Triblio CSM!

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