June 2020 - Release Notes

The summer months are upon us and we just released updates to our platform! Check them out below.


Orchestration CRM Actions

Orchestrations now have the ability to create tasks in Salesforce as well as associate accounts with campaigns.


ABM Analytics Module Graph Improvement

We removed the account score graph and added our account 360 drill-down timeline to give a visual picture of what is happening within an account.

CPM is now aCPM (or "Account Verified CPM")

Anywhere you saw ad spend CPM in the platform has now been updated to show aCPM or what we call "Account Verified CPM". Our endeavor to show the cleanest and most current data on the account level can result in CPMs that look out of touch with what you are bidding towards on the ad group level. Because of that, we have made the language update to more accurately represent what the CPM metric has historically meant: the cost per 1,000 impressions served to validated accounts.

Also, there is a tooltip when you hover over the aCPM that explains what it does! 

Orchestration Sales Emails Can Now Include Known Visitors

The new sales alerts through orchestration now have the ability to include known visitors from the triggered accounts. These known visitors would be sourced from your marketing automation system.

General Product Updates

We made a bunch of general updates to the platform, including the following:

  • Multi-select audiences on campaigns
  • Added personalization interactions to the Account 360 Drilldown view
  • You are able to download the ad spend report now
  • Some optimizations for how our reports fetch their data to make them more reliable
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