FAQ: Why do some account domains not have an account name in Triblio?

In Triblio's account database, every account record contains numerous data points about the account. Account domain (website), account name, industry, sub-industry, revenue range, etc. 

Occasionally, you may come across accounts listed where a certain data point is missing. Here's an example from the Funnel Impact report where some accounts don't have an "Account Name" value populated.

Anytime Triblio tries to identify account, we check the domain against our primary account database first. These account records generally have every attribute filled out. In some cases, an account domain may not match any record in our primary database. In that scenario, we will reach out to secondary account data providers to source whatever data we can for the account domain in question. In some cases, the account records we receive back are missing certain attributes, such as "Account Name". 

When this occurs, Triblio will display the available account data but leave any missing attributes blank.

All in all, this is no major cause for concern since Triblio uses the account's domain as the source of truth for account identification.

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