Navigating Your ABM Strategy During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Navigating Your ABM Strategy During The COVID-19 Pandemic
by Cory Rivera, Triblio Senior Customer Success Manager

We’re all attempting to understand the best way to navigate our marketing strategy, build pipeline and make the most of our tech stack during this pandemic. These are uncharted waters and relying on a comprehensive digital approach to meet your goals is more imperative than ever before. Amidst the unknown and undoubtedly tough times businesses are facing, we’re certain that Account Based Marketing is a sound solution to continue to engage with your prospects and customers. 

Buying groups are becoming less geographically concentrated as everyone is working remotely and business travel, along with industry events are, in many cases, cancelled until further notice. Unfortunately, this means that the value of IP address targeting decreases and identifying account traffic can become challenging. On the flipside, the value of cookies have increased, both for identifying visitor accounts and targeting ads or personalization on your website.

The good news is, Triblio’s one-of-a-kind Learning Engine is very well-suited to handle this kind of shift. In cases where a device has visited your site previously, Triblio will be able to key off of their IP history to identify the account, even if they're now coming from a residential IP (i.e. working remotely).

Additionally, using cookie-targeting, Triblio will be able to target prospects’ or customers' devices with display ads, even while they're temporarily working from home. That said, some targeted devices (especially desktop computers) could be left in offices, so the total volume of impressions served could experience an overall decline.

ABM Expert Recommendations:

  1. In order to achieve optimal results for your campaigns, focus on contact-targeted Ad Groups in Triblio. Contact targeting is best suited to the current work locations of most buying groups (as opposed to relying on IP).
  2. Promote creative tactics using Overlays and Ads. Here are a couple of ideas:
    1. Instead of an in-person event, host a webinar and select a delivery service for lunch to be sent to the attendees (best for small groups, 1:few campaigns). If the attendee list is large consider sending an e-gift card for online food delivery services so the attendees can place their orders themselves.
    2. Allow your Tier 1 Accounts to claim a special work-from-home care package when visiting your website. This care package could include a postcard with a link to a custom Smart Page (customized landing page) with content relative to their account, needs, etc. 

During these challenging times we believe that an empathetic approach to your ABM strategy will be best received by your prospects and customers. We’re all in this together! Speaking of which, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your Triblio Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or are in need of ABM Expert assistance.

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