March 2020 - Release Notes

Spring has sprung and our March 2020 release is in full bloom. Check out the bouquet of new features and platform improvements, including a brand new notification center and notification emails. πŸ’


Notification Center

The new in-app notification center allows users to view alerts about errors in their account that may be affecting their campaigns. The notification center is located in the navigation bar on the left side of the app.

  • Users will now receive a badge on their Notifications tab in-app if there are new notifications for that day
  • Users can click the β€œView” button to be brought directly to the affected ad group/creative/ audience and make changes
    • Note: Neither clicking β€œView” or resolving the issue will clear the notification automatically
  • Users will have to click β€œClear” to clear the notification (after they resolve the issue, for instance)

Notification Emails

In addition to the new notification center, users can opt into receiving daily emails containing the same items that would appear in the in-app notification center. 

  • Just like the notification center, users can access the affected items directly from the email to resolve them
  • If there are no new notifications on a given day, the email will simply not send (no news is good news)
  • If errors are present, emails will automatically send at 8am UTC each day
  • Email notification recipients must be configured by the admin under Setup > Notification Setup


  • Updated Salesforce Sync Engine
    • This new sync engine is more efficient and uses fewer API calls. It also allows users to view their synced account records in more detail, providing visibility of current sync status, what values were synced and more.

  • Audiences - City-level location criteria improvement
    • Cities are now appended with state names for clarity. (Ex. Arlington, Virginia / Arlington, Texas)
  • Audiences - Removed case sensitivity for domain search
    • Searching by domain in Account Domain criteria is no longer required to be an exact match and is no longer case sensitive. 
  • MQA report - Click through to the Account 360 drill-down
    • Users can now click the account name in the MQA report and be taken directly to the Account 360 drill down.
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