Form Tracking With Triblio

While ABM is able to provide you insights into account activity well before anyone raises their hand, there is still a place for form tracking and lead generation. Being able to identify known visitors on your website who are coming from target accounts is highly valuable. That's why Triblio integrates with all of the major marketing automation solutions to help you see anonymous and known account activity all in one place.

Default Cookie Syncing

By default, Triblio's integration with the marketing automation systems works in the following way:

  1. You grant Triblio access to read from your marketing automation system
  2. You create a list/segment of all cookied users (normally people who have clicked on an email or have filled out a form).
  3. You create an audience in Triblio to sync with that master list you just created.
  4. Triblio will then read in all of the cookied users.
  5. Triblio will check daily (if the list is dynamic) to see if there are new cookies to include.

This process allows these known visitors' activities on your site to be revealed within Triblio's reports, sales notification emails, and our ABM Analytics Module. They also help with your account identification process, as email to device cookies give us additional data points to analyze.

How New Cookied Visitors Get Added to Triblio

It should be noted that there is a delay in new cookied users being passed into Triblio. If someone you previously didn't know fills out a form on your site, that data will be immediately captured by your marketing automation system and added into the list that you are syncing with Triblio. Later that night, Triblio will read in that new cookie id so that Triblio can begin looking for that device to appear on your site. 

That means, Triblio will not have record of that person filling out the form on the previous day and we will not be able to show that new visitor's information until they come to your site after Triblio has re-synced with your list/segment. If you want users to be identified from the time they filled out the form on, then you will need to upgrade your Triblio tracking script with our form tracking capability.

Triblio Form Tracking Upgrade

Triblio's form tracking script works by reading off the information on the form and, upon submission of the form, Triblio ingests the form data much like the marketing automation system does. We then pass the info on to your marketing automation system to be recorded as normal. 

This makes it so that you can see the now known visitor's activities without having to wait for the list to re-sync or for that visitor to take another action to your site. It also allows you to register and view form submissions on the account level through the Account 360 drill-down view.

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