Triblio and Google Chrome's SameSite Cookie Tracking Changes

What is changing?

Google has made an update to their Chrome browser to enhance privacy-preserving defaults. This will impact the ability to do cross domain cookie tracking on insecure sites. You can read more about this here.

What this means for you?

We are sure you are already working on updating all of your sites to serve only over https, but if you currently have scripts deployed on non-secure sites (http) you will experience a lack of integrity in your visitor tracking. For example, if someone moves from an https page to an http page on your site they will be counted as two unique visitors instead of one. 

You should also setup redirection to https if someone tries to visit a page with an http protocol.

What has Triblio done to prepare for this update?

We have applied all Google's necessary cookie changes to ensure that we can accurately and consistently track visitors on your site, provided that you have upgraded your protocols to https.

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