Web Personalization - Technical FAQs

Wondering how personalization will impact your site from a technical standpoint? Check out the answers below.

  • How does personalization integrate with our CMS?
    • Personalizations are managed in the Triblio app and delivered via a single line of javascript in your CMS templates. Triblio is CMS agnostic.
  • How does personalization affect load time?
    • Personalizations are delivered through asynchronous javascript that will not impact load time. To avoid flicker, we benchmark to and maintain a 10ms or less load time so that personalization can execute before the page renders in the browser.
  • Does personalization impact SEO?
    • SEO is based on the content that search crawlers find on your website. Personalizations are not delivered to search crawlers so there is no impact on SEO. 
  • What about security?
    • Personalized content is managed in the Triblio app and governed by user rights in the platform. Only admin users have the ability to launch personalizations or change active ones.
  • Can I test in a dev environment?
    • Yes, using your Sandbox environment you can integrate to a staging area and test personalizations internally.
  • How do I test personalizations on my website?
    • Triblio campaigns are each assigned a Preview Cookie that you can use to join the campaign audience for 30 minutes. This allows you to see how a user experiences personalization on a temporary basis. 
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